Not Nothing-ness

Well, today turned out to be a bit more interesting than I had expected! First of all, I went into work and even though all my leads didn’t pan out, there is always tomorrow…and hopefully I will get some more news. And if I don’t, that’s not my fault because I totally left all of the information and if she wants to do something about it to make it better, she’ll call me!

Then, Chris called and said, “You still want to go to the PX?” So he and I headed on over there. He hurt his back on New Years lifting his baby and he was in the hospital for like a week. He said he’s getting better, but it’s still easier with someone to help him out with Anthony. I love that kid anyway. I love the hugs I get from him! Anyway, I got my cable bill paid, got some Mentos and had a nice conversation with Wanda, the clerk at the shoppette. She’s such a wonderful lady. I know she has to be blessed. I didn’t ask her, but I know that she’s in pain and I usually try to ask how’s she feeling when I see her. She and I had a nice conversation about arts and crafts. She likes to needle point. I don’t like it. I can cross-stitch if it is printed, but not counted cross-stitch. I don’t have the patience for that. Anyway, where I was going with this is, even though she’s in a lot of pain, she’s still got this contagious smile and just this happy-go-lucky attitude. I’m really glad they hired her. They couldn’t have hired a better person!

Then, I came home and watched American Idol and that was fun. I was crocheting the whole time. I don’t have to have my eyes glued on it to enjoy or cringe when I watch it. And after a while, I decided to call Talia, assuming that she was watching it and she wasn’t! SURPRISE! We got to talking and I sort of gave away part of her Christmas gift (I don’t like surprises! and thankfully, she doesn’t read my blogs…so) I got her this great Barbie doll. She asked for one and I got it for her. It’s the Top Model on and she’s so pretty. I don’t have a Barbie, so we can’t play together 😦 The one I like is the Christmas 2007 collector’s edition and you’re really not supposed to take those out of the boxes. I suspect that if Talia and I played Barbies one day, I would take her out of the box (no, I don’t have it, I want it!)

Then, after a while I started crocheting again and I ran out of yarn. I knew that I would because I had only bought 3 skeims of yarn when we were home. I used the money that Mom and Dad Farrell gave me to buy some crochet hooks and yarn. Well, even though, technically speaking, the project isn’t done, I’m done crocheting it. It’s a tiny blanket that’s just Casey’s size. I didn’t like how it turned out anyway. There were several mistakes that I didn’t pull out because I don’t know why…laziness I guess.

So, as you can see, my dog’s tiny blanket is done. Isn’t it cute?


I was thinking that today is nothing. A blip. Boring. I’ve had several cups of coffee and I’m a bit shaky. Things seem to be going well, but at the same time dull. I feel like playing Sims, but at the same time, I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I’ve tried to make some calls for work and there was nothing. I came home and it’s empty, save my animals, but they say nothing to me. No, I’m not feeling depressed. I’m just feeling nothing. Blah, as it were. I guess I could get back to my blanket, but I think I screwed it up. Good thing I’m doing a practice one for myself. There are two ladies that are expecting, whom I consider to be good friends, and I’d like to be able to make them baby blankets. It’s kind of sad because there are three other ladies that I consider to be good friends with as well and I didn’t crochet anything for them when they had their babies…I’ve done a lot for them anyway. I found some great baby clothes! Anyway, yaddy ya-da.

I can’t think of anything else to write about right now. Maybe something interesting will happen. I don’t expect it, though. Oh well.


Well, I guess I’m becoming a little craft these days. I made Rob a scarf and now I’m making a blanket. This is the scarf that I made this weekend. I’m about 1/3 of the way done with a lapghan using the same colors. It’s all I have. I’m having fun doing it and it’s actually going pretty quickly. I can’t believe it! It’s 12:45 and though I’m a little sleepy, I’m not as sleepy as I was yesterday. I thought I’d try to get to bed at 10 or 11, but that didn’t happen. I have to go into work for a couple of hours tomorrow. I don’t mind going into work, but there really isn’t a whole lot I can do. Things are so quiet around here. With the base closure, there are so many things that normally would happen, but aren’t because there simply isn’t the people here to support the services. As it is, they are decreasing hours for almost everything that we use. The PX and Commissary are now closed on Mondays starting the first of February. That’s the main thing, but also our restaurants are also closing early and opening later. It’s a pretty sad state of things around here. I have tried to get people to hang out with me downtown, but no one’s interested in doing that. The bowling center is now closed on Sundays and Mondays and that’s something that I would do more of if I could.
I found out last week that the last day that the medical clinic will lock its doors on July 15. That really doesn’t make much of a difference to me since we’ll probably be in K-Town by then…but it just makes this base closure that much more real.
Speaking of moving, this will be the 8th time that Rob and I have moved in 3.5 years and I’m tired! This is actually fewer times than it was with my ex-husband. We moved every 5 months and my poor dad usually got stuck helping us. He’s even helped Rob and I when we lived in El Paso. He and Momma-Paula brought a U-Haul trailer full of my crap with them when they came to visit us. We got Mom’s old kitchen table and that was really neat! I really love the table. It doesn’t really fit well in this house because it’s round and most of the tables we see in apartments like this are the long rectangular tables. I think we actually need to get more furniture, but I think we’re gonna wait until we move again before we have anymore major purchases. I want to get a Lazy Boy chair and a love seat. I’m sure Rob won’t mind, but I guess it’s going to really hinge on the house/apartment that we end up with in K-Town. If it isn’t possible to get new furniture, then I guess we’ll get some stuff when we move back to the states in 2009. I’m really looking forward to moving back the US. Who knows where we’ll be stationed, but maybe Rob will get selected for a West Point assignment. If he does, then we’ll go to New York. It’s like an hour north of New York City. I’m psyched about that because I would L.O.V.E. to go to school at CUNY.
When I was in high school, it was my dream to go to NYU. I would have never been able to go there since it is a private university and the tuition is like $20,000 a semester and I never had good enough grades to get in anyway. I know that I can get into CUNY. A history prof of mine told me about it. I always thought there was just SUNY which is upstate, but then he told me about CUNY. When Rob told me that we might have the possibility of going to NY, I was so excited. He asked where I thought I would like to go back to school at. Boy, was that an easy question to answer. He was like, “Thought about it much?” LOL.
Anyway, it’s pretty late. I’ve rambled much too much. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

A Boring day

Well, it’s official. I’ve set a quit date. It’s going to be Jan 25th. I was thinking that it should be the 21st, but Rob will still be in the field and it would be nice to have him here to help support me. I figured that if I quit the Friday before he came home, the worst of my withdrawals will be over with and it will be much more bearable for Rob.

Rob went to the range and qualified today, but he was disappointed because everything seemed to be going well and then his weapon started messing up. He ended up having to take it in to the Arms Room to have it looked at. He said that it helped, but that it was still acting up even after all that. He was a “First-Time-Go” which just means that he passed! He said that he was one shy of making Expert. If you know my husband, you know he’s a bit of a perfectionist (even though he’ll deny it!)
I’ve got insomnia so bad that I haven’t really slept in three days. Okay, that’s not completely true, I have slept…little cat naps that last no more than 3 hours. I don’t know why, though. Nothing’s changed here and as for Rob being gone, it doesn’t really bother me all that much. I guess I can still blame it on jet lag. I don’t know why I’d still have a problem with it though. It is so much easier going the other way than it is to come this way in terms of the jet lag. Though, I am feeling pretty tired this evening. I went over to a friend’s house and played PS2 and a couple of other games this evening. I had a beer and maybe that’s all I needed to have to make me a little sleepy. I want to go take a warm bath with some of the new bubble bath that I got from my Mom and Dad for Christmas this year. It’s yummy. It’s the new Temptation line from Bath and Body Works. I think I’ll try the Twisted Peppermint today. I sure do LOVE the Chocolate Mint stuff that I had. It smells good enough to eat, but I wouldn’t DARE! I liked using it as a soap and shampoo, but wasn’t impressed by its bubbles. They were gone in five minutes.

Well, nothing else to talk about right now. Have a great day and thanks for reading 🙂

The funniest thing…

Casey and I were sitting here watching America’s Funniest Videos and they did a sequence on sneezing. This one video showed a lady with her dog and she said, “sit” and it got Casey’s attention. Then, the lady fake sneezed and the dog went to get her a tissue. Casey ran to the TV and circled around and looked up and watched it for a minute. Then, he comes over to me and sneezed like four times! It was freaking hilarious! I said to him, “What? Now you think I’m gonna get you a tissue?” He tilted his head and then headed to the door so I would let him out!

The funniest thing about what I said to him was that Casey likes to EAT my tissues. If they are within his reach, he will chow down on them!

I’ll leave you with that YUMMY thought!

Are you looking for the photo album?

If you are looking for the Farrell Photo Album, check out the link on the right. Newly updated: Farrell Family Reunion at the pizza parlor. Contact me if you want the photobucket address and password to access the original files. 🙂

I am currently working on the Toledo Zoo Lights pictures and finishing up on the New Year’s Eve photos.

Okay, no new updates for now. Thanks for reading 🙂

Hell Froze Over

Yup, it sure did. I read the news story with my own eyes. I didn’t coin it though, Rob is much more clever than I can ever hope to be.

So, are you curious yet? LOL It snowed in Iraq for the first time in memory yesterday. I wanted to post this yesterday night, but Rob and I were playing Guitar Hero that my brother and sister in law got for Rob for Christmas this year.

Anyway, it snowed in Iraq!!!

Rob is gone for two and a half weeks. He was telling some of his Soldiers that he’s gonna have to give me a raise! Yeah, right! He only said that because I can pack a Duffel bag like no one’s business. He’ll never get it packed like that again. I told him to take an extra bag so he can get everything back! LOL!

I’m watching Saturday Night Live. I forgot how stupid some of the skits are! Uggh. There’s nothing else on to watch.

I should be tired right now, but since I got up with Rob at 5 am, I stay up until around 11 and took a nap until 3, so I’m doing alright. I might head off to bed in a few minutes. We’ll see.

Anyway, I really don’t have thing else to chat about! Thanks for reading!

Denver Capitol Building

This is the Denver Capitol Building. It’s pretty much across the street from the City and County Building. I was a good distance away from it! I probably took 15 photos of it and only 2 are good. It’s hard to take pictures in the dark when you should be using a tripod!

Oh well, hope you enjoy it!

Good news!

Well, I’ve been itching to get this news off of my chest! It’s wonderful (mainly!) news.

I’m quitting smoking soon. Still haven’t set a date, but I will. I have until Monday morning to decide!

Secondly, I had some blood drawn just after Thanksgiving this year. My Ob/Gyn and I got to talking when I had my last “you’re in the clear” PAP smear. If you didn’t know this, I had cervical cancer a few years ago. I had to have a part of my cervix removed so that it wouldn’t spread. I was told to have a PAP four times a year for a year and if those were good, then I could go to 2x a year for two years. If those were good, then I could just have done once a year. They said that there’s a risk that it can come back…even in 20 years…so it’s best this way.

Anyway, the doctor and I started chatting. She was asking if my husband and I were planning a family and I explained my whole story to her and she listened carefully. She did the PAP and told me to run over to the lab and have some blood drawn. She had a hunch, but didn’t tell me about it. She said that she’d call, but with the holidays, she wasn’t able to do so.

I made an appointment with her and she pulled my records and she told me that I wasn’t ovulating! Can you believe it? Well, no wonder why Rob and I can’t have babies! The doctor previously said that they wouldn’t even do simple blood tests for infertility as long as I was still battling cervical cancer. Well, the doctor that did my PAP said that was ridiculous and that they were just being lazy. She said that while yes they are in the same area, one does not necessarily affect the other!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she prescribed Clomid for me which she wanted me to take in January, but with Rob gone for 3 weeks, I’m going to wait until February to start the cycle. Basically, it tricks the brain into thinking that one hormone isn’t being produced and so the brain over produces on another–and it forces an ovulation. They are starting me out on a low dose right now. If it doesn’t work, then they increase the dose next month. I have 6 shots at this. The stats are pretty good. In 50% of the women who take this in 3 months get pregnant. 75% of the women who take this in 6 months ovulate and 50% of those get pregnant and carry to term. At least now, I have a fighting chance! The doctor said that I have to go back and have my blood tested after the first round and every round thereafter. If it doesn’t work, then it’s off to more powerful drugs. I think that they will also take a look at my tubes and all of that to make sure that there are no blockages or potential endometriosis.

She also let me know that while the chances of me getting pregnant are pretty good, there is also a good chance that I could have twins. Triplets, she said, are exceptionally rare. And since twins and triplets run in my family…who knows!!