Hell Froze Over

Yup, it sure did. I read the news story with my own eyes. I didn’t coin it though, Rob is much more clever than I can ever hope to be.

So, are you curious yet? LOL It snowed in Iraq for the first time in memory yesterday. I wanted to post this yesterday night, but Rob and I were playing Guitar Hero that my brother and sister in law got for Rob for Christmas this year.

Anyway, it snowed in Iraq!!!

Rob is gone for two and a half weeks. He was telling some of his Soldiers that he’s gonna have to give me a raise! Yeah, right! He only said that because I can pack a Duffel bag like no one’s business. He’ll never get it packed like that again. I told him to take an extra bag so he can get everything back! LOL!

I’m watching Saturday Night Live. I forgot how stupid some of the skits are! Uggh. There’s nothing else on to watch.

I should be tired right now, but since I got up with Rob at 5 am, I stay up until around 11 and took a nap until 3, so I’m doing alright. I might head off to bed in a few minutes. We’ll see.

Anyway, I really don’t have thing else to chat about! Thanks for reading!

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