Quick Updates

I’m a lucky woman.  The Lord blessed me with an understanding husband who spoils me.  Not only that, he indulges me and my crazy whims–like Nintendo Wii’s and random electronic stuff.  Sometimes I wonder why.  I told him a couple of weeks ago that my cell phone contract was supposed to be expiring and that I was looking at getting a new cell phone.

Well, this past weekend, we were downtown and he let me look in the T-Mobile store to see if they had the phone I was wanting to get.  They didn’t, but they had the iPhone.  Rob really wants a new iPod, but I really wanted a cool new phone.  We get to compromise.

So, I called up Vodafone to see what I needed to do to cancel my contract.  Apparently (and this makes me so darned mad! ) you have to give notice IN WRITING 90 days in advance!  Yeah, like I would have KNOWN that since I don’t READ German and the sales person never told me that.  Not to mention the fact that American companies are different.  The compromise that Rob agreed to was that we take the rate to the lowest possible and go ahead and get the new iPhone.  It’s 400 euros, but it will be less when you use the VAT form.  19% VAT taxes!  Which makes it like 335 Euro.  It’s outrageous. 

So, I went to go to Vodafone yesterday morning and they wouldn’t take my contract down to 5 euros a month, but they did take it to 25 a month and I get free weekend and vodafone to vodafone calls.I’m so glad my husband spoils me.

Then again, he’s getting a BMW M3 in a few months and it’s going to be like $60,000…

I also finished my 2nd baby blanket yesterday.  I gave it to my neighbor, Jasmine who is expecting her first baby in July.


I’m working on another baby blanket.  Rob says that I should try to sell them, I don’t want to.  That would take the pleasure away from making them.

Anyway, I guess I should go for now.  I have my league bowling tonight.

House Hunting

Today Rob and I went to Kaiserslautern to look for a new home.  We had 3 appointments to look at houses.  We saw the first one and we liked it okay, but it didn’t have a fence around the little postage stamp sized yard and it was too close to the street.  Casey would have been a goner for sure!  So, we told the guy that we would let him know one way or the other this afternoon.  We saw the 2nd house and from the outside, it looked old and crappy.  The listing said that it was newly remodeled.  There’s a rather large drive way and three entrances into the house.  It looked REALLY dumpy because they had old rusted out cars and the grass lawn was unkempt.  The concrete patio had also seen better days.  We took Casey around the little town.  We are literally footsteps away from the Hauptstrasse (Main Street)!  There’s a biergarten and a pizzeria right there to the right and to the left is an old church.  We saw a sign for an ice cream shop, but we didn’t have enough time to actually FIND it!  There’s an awesome walking path and a little creek along it.  It’s not paved, but I seriously doubt it will matter.  The village is called Otterbach and I think it’s really cool.  So, we have lots of time on our hands so we walked back up to the house to wait, when Rob decides that we should walk up this REALLY steep hill to see the schlossstubegarten (the castle restaurant) and Stadion (a gym of some sort!)  It’s REALLY cool!  Apparently, the owner has his own Oktoberfest there and serves authentic Bavarian style cuisine (which is a HUGE plus because Rob and I L.O.V.E Bavarian style food )

We finally walked back down to the house and the landlord said pets are fine and he’s fine with us having 3!  The first thing we did was walk in the living room and there is a swedish oven–a free standing heating element (almost like the cast iron stoves that one would see in the Unsinkable Molly Brown film) and we walked around in there.  It’s a nice living room.  Then, we saw the kitchen…two entrances and an island which had 5 gas burners (one is for a wok) and a rather large oven.  On the other side there was a dishwasher.  LOTS of countertop space and the dining area was in the kitchen, not in the living room (a HUGE plus in my book.  You’d never see that anywhere else).  This house is single-family home and is almost 2,000 square feet!  The most complicated thing we’re going to have to decide is which room to setup our home entertainment room in and which one to put our bed in.  In April, we are definitely going to be making several trips to Ikea.  It’s a bit farther away than I would have liked, but I think it’s pretty much a straight shot on the bus to the base.  It’s about 5 miles away from base and a 35 minute bike ride.  Perhaps a little less when I figure out all the short cuts. 

So, I’ve already decided that this is the place I want to live and I don’t want to look at the other house.  Rob says, “Let’s go take a look at the outside and the neighborhood before.  If it doesn’t work for us, then we’ll call to cancel the appointment.”  We went and it was really nice from the outside, but everyone lived really close to each other.  We definitely don’t want to live on top of other people and the town wasn’t close to anything cool.  So, I called to cancel and she said that someone had already rented it and so I assumed that was the end of it.  She called me back later wondering where we were.  We had already signed our lease by then.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to share that.  Rob and I are super excited!  Now, we just need to get rid of all our junk and quick.  I hope they put bins outside the apt buildings soon so I can start pitching stuff.

I guess I better get going for now.  Thanks for reading and have a good day 🙂

Beaches of Normandy, Part 2


This past weekend, my husband and I and about 50 of our closest friends enjoyed a couple of days in Bayeux, France.  This village is only about 20 minutes away, driving time, from the Omaha Beachhead and Gold.  We were able to see Omaha and Gold beaches.  Juno was in-between the 2 British beaches, Gold and Sword and was the Canadian beachhead.  The one spectacular view on Omaha was the statue memorial.


A few of my other favorite pictures from there:





Later, we were able to go to see the War Memorial that was there, just on the other side of Omaha beach.  While we were there, we were able to look at the headstones.  We were not able to find ANYONE who was killed on Omaha Beach, but we found a TON of headstones of Soldiers who was killed at Utah Beach.  They were all part of the Airborne unit.  Interesting factoid:  The paratroopers called the Normandy invasion the $10,000 jump because that’s how much their SGLI (Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance) was worth and that’s what their lives were worth in 1944.  I don’t think they called their insurance SGLI like we do, but it’s the same thing.  Here’s a couple of really fascinating pictures from the memorial.

There are about 20,000 service members buried here.  Some were buried through out Europe because logistically it made sense to bury them here than to ship their bodies back.  There are people that died in 1943 to until about 1945.  The cemetery is closed and no one else is allowed to be buried here.  There are 27 grounds keepers here.  It’s really a site to see.



This is a view of Normandy Beach from the Cemetery.


There are only 4 gold embossed headstones.  The headstones that are embossed with gold are Medal of Honor recipients.  Both of these men are the sons of President Theodore Roosevelt.  T. Jr. is the oldest and fought in both WWI and WWII.  Quentin was the most beloved child and the youngest of all the Roosevelt children.  He died in WWI.

As a side note, Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite president!

Well, thanks for reading and have a great day!


This weekend, my husband’s unit and I were able to go to Normandy to have a re-enlistment ceremony.  It was so educational and such a nice ceremony.  The one factoid that really surprised me the most was that there are no seagulls or any real animals on Omaha beach.  They just don’t go there.  I hadn’t really noticed it before, but it’s true.  I did happen to get one picture of a bird, but he never landed and he was just flying away.



This is a picture of the Chaplain’s family.  I circled the bird.  That was the only animal that I saw.  Rob noticed something on top of a roof top and after closer inspection… 


and I don’t think he’s real!!!  Haha!

 Well, there isn’t much more to chat about right now, but I did want to get the post up for now.  There is lots more pictures and I just don’t have the patience to deal with the low memory on my computer right now.  I’ve been trying to edit them since 10 am.  It’s almost 2PM.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!!!

I’m moving…

I’m closing my BlogSpot account. I’m going to use Word Press exclusively now. I like the way it’s set up far better than I like BlogSpot. Plus, I get 3 gig of storage instead of just one with Blogger. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the Photo Album that is at blogspot or not. I know that at this point, I don’t need to keep it. WordPress has much more flexibility than Blogger does & for some reason, the editor doesn’t seem to work properly.  As of May 1, 08, “Welcome to My World” will be no longer. Don’t worry, none of my posts have disappeared; I’ve transferred everything over. Have fun and thanks for reading.

Does cartoon violence count?


I was watching the commentaries for the Looney Tunes Vol. 1 Disk 1, Bugs Bunny.  The commentator said, “I love cartoon violence because it doesn’t really count.  It’s a cartoon.  It’s not like real violence like Iraq or murder…”  The cartoon that was being commentated on was the 1952 “Rabbit Kin” where Bugs gives Pete several lumps on the head, then gives him too many lumps and then pounds the lumps back in, in which the commentator said, “That’s violent in and of itself…but I just love cartoon violence!”

So, what’s your opinion?  Does cartoon violence count?


Hi all. Sorry that I haven’t published anything in the last couple of days. Things have been going pretty slow for me this week. I’ve got Chinese-Disease–that is–Dragon Ass. The mono is kicking my butt. Yesterday, I went over to my neighbor’s house and was chatting with them for about 20 minutes or so and that just plain wore me out. I then went to another neighbor’s house and we chatted for about 15 minutes. By the time I got home, I just about passed out on the couch. It’s just little things like that that have been killing me.

I went to the library on Monday to get some books on the D-Day invasion in Normandy, because I’m suppose to give a little lesson about it this weekend. I was at the library maybe 2 hours. I was so tired when I got back that I took a 3 hour nap and I still haven’t started my research.

Casey doesn’t really want to let me sleep in and he’s usually all over me by 8:30 in the morning. I was able to get him off of my face and he allowed me to sleep in a couple of hours, but by 10 he had enough and he let me know it.

I haven’t really spoken to Rob in a few days, though we did have a full 15 minute conversation yesterday and neither of us knew what to say. He’s still in the field and still sick. I told him that he needed to be the angry coach at half-time. He said he didn’t have the energy. I told him that he’s been more than patient with these guys and it’s about time to let them know that he means business. I know he’s not getting the proper rest, and with him being such a light sleeper, I know that if anyone is snoring in the tent, he isn’t sleeping. Of course, he snores (but he doesn’t believe me….I’m going to have to record it some night!) and when I move him over to make him stop he gets really upset with me!

Haha! Well, anyway, I guess I should probably go for now. I want to finish up the dishes and laundry. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I may or may not post tomorrow–depends on my mood, I guess and then Friday we are going to Normandy, France and I don’t know if we’ll have access to an internet connection there. We will most definitely have pictures from our trip and I should get those up on Tuesday at the latest!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and Rob and I are sending hugs across the ocean!

Super Size Me!

I watched this film last night and after having watched this, I seriously don’t think I want to eat fast food anymore. The guy who did the film weighed 185 before he started the 30 day, 3 times a day McDonald’s experiment. When it was all said and done, he had gained nearly 25 pounds. He was 210 after 30 days. He had serious heart, liver and respiratory problems. In addition, he also had sexual dysfunction. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what would.

He saw five or six medical professionals and none of them could have guessed what would have happened to him. They didn’t know that these other problems would come about.It took him 30 days to put on 25 pounds. It took him 14 months to lose all of the weight; 20 pounds were taken off in 5 months and the last 5 took 9, yes 9 months! It took 8 weeks to detox his body. His levels came back down to normal. He was showing signs of addiction–yup the same signs that people have when they drink, smoke and use illegal drugs.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you really need to. It was an hour and 38 minutes and it was totally worth it.

More than 50% of the Community Health nurses said that fast food should be eaten rarely to never. Only 2 out of 100 said that it was okay to eat fast food 2 times a week or more! Who in their right mind would ACTUALLY say that? Of course, as the law would have it, you’re not allowed to sue the fast food industry because “You should know better.”

My father worked for the USDA for 33 years. He worked in the School Lunch Program department. That’s the department that ensures that schools who participate in the Free and Reduced lunch program are following Federal guidelines for food nutrition. He would be appalled at what the schools are allowing to feed children. It was starting to change when I was in school and then Subway had gotten a contract where I was teaching. The sandwiches are for the most part healthy for you, but it is still fast food and it still has processed meat in those sandwiches

The best thing for you, eat at home. Not only will it be more nutritious for you, but if you have children, they’ll be less likely to start using drugs. That’s a fact, jack!

Never again. I will never eat out again! I’m scared for my health!

No winter for Germany

This is the second year in a row that Germany has not seen any snow.  I find it very alarming.  I don’t believe in Global Warming–at least not the way that politicitians talk about it.  I don’t think that there is enough evidence out there to justify that global warming is happening.  I clearly remember that hairspray was damaging the environment, but I seriously doubt it there was anything really to it.

I think it’s great, though, that car manufactors have started producing vehicles that are less dependent upon petrol.

As I was trying to get at.  I don’t know what is going on with the weather these days, but I do know that it’s very disconcerting.  It feels like a cold spring day.  Fall came early last year and it feels like spring and it’s only February!

I guess I should clarify this:  It has snowed in Garmisch, but not in Heidelberg or Hanau, the two places I have lived for the last three years.  The snow that we got in 2005 was nothing to write home about, but at least we had a few flakes!  It’s absolutely crazy!

Oh well.

Nothing’s going on

There’s absolutely nothing going on, but I wanted to write a little bit. Rob is in the field. He came home this evening because we had a meeting to attend. Today has been a hard day, in terms of quitting smoking. I have constantly wanted a cigarette today. I’ve been good. I didn’t have any. I was tempted to get one, though.

One of the things that you should do is have a goal when you’re quitting smoking. I’m looking at getting a new camera phone or a new ultra-compact camera. Rob’s really not thrilled that I’m going to get one, but I can’t take the Nikon with me all the time. I LOVE my camera, but it’s impractical, at times. Then, there are the times that there are pictures that are begging to be taken and I just have to photograph it in my mind because I don’t have my camera with me. There are several that I am looking at, but I think I may have to decide between two: The LG KU990 Viewty and the Sony Ericsson K800i. I haven’t quite decided yet. Rob has real no opinion about this.

I do know that my phone contract is almost up. It will be up in April or May. I can’t remember. Anyway, I can probably get a good deal if I get a new contract. I know that I won’t be here for a two year contract, which is the norm in Germany, but I think that it might be worth losing the deposit to get a great phone at a reduced price. I know that the phone will work when we go back to the states and I seriously doubt that I will want another phone. What I want is a portable camera–something that I can have for everyday stuff-not journalist stuff. Anyway, just thought I’d update you. Still having trouble quitting, but I’m still truckin’ along. I haven’t had one! Yeah me!