No winter for Germany

This is the second year in a row that Germany has not seen any snow.  I find it very alarming.  I don’t believe in Global Warming–at least not the way that politicitians talk about it.  I don’t think that there is enough evidence out there to justify that global warming is happening.  I clearly remember that hairspray was damaging the environment, but I seriously doubt it there was anything really to it.

I think it’s great, though, that car manufactors have started producing vehicles that are less dependent upon petrol.

As I was trying to get at.  I don’t know what is going on with the weather these days, but I do know that it’s very disconcerting.  It feels like a cold spring day.  Fall came early last year and it feels like spring and it’s only February!

I guess I should clarify this:  It has snowed in Garmisch, but not in Heidelberg or Hanau, the two places I have lived for the last three years.  The snow that we got in 2005 was nothing to write home about, but at least we had a few flakes!  It’s absolutely crazy!

Oh well.

One thought on “No winter for Germany

  1. I’ve been here 10 years and had real cold only twice, ie where you could go out on lakes and have a good skate. It was -15 for about a week, 10 days at most both times. As for winter, at St Anton am Arlberg, Austria, where we usually go on ski holiday, there is a lot of snow – more than usual, anyway.

    There is climate change happening though. Do a search on what is happening in the far north, where permafrost is melting and sea ice disappearing, and you’ll see it’s real. Compare photos of glaciers today with those taken 100 years ago, and you’ll see they are simply disappearing.

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