Guilty Pleasures

I have a new guilty pleasure.  It’s called “Dirt” and it’s a new TV show on FX.  It’s pretty shameful, has bad language, sex, drugs and other illicit stuff…it’s not a show for everyone, but it is Fox’s answer to Showtime’s Entourage.  I haven’t seen Entourage, but the DVD series is cheaper than Dirt.

I like Dirt because it’s got Courtney Cox in it.  This show is so completely addicting.  It’s actually on iTunes and you can download the shows there, but I think I’ll just wait for the DVDs to come out next season.  It’s about Lucy (Cox) who is the Editor in Chief at Dirt, a magazine that publishes celebrity gossip.  Don Konkey is a schizophrenic photojournalist who still uses film camera.  Sometimes he takes his medication, sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes, we can’t tell what is real and what is not, in his world–it’s fascinating–sometimes I wonder if that’s how my mom sees the world, but she never talked to the voices in her head (at least I don’t think so!)  We get a small glimpse into Lucy’s world and it’s full of hurt and pain.

I don’t recommend this show for everyone.  It it definitely a rated R show.  Personally, it would call it M+17.  It’s a show that I probably wouldn’t have liked as a kid anyway.  I was extremely sheltered.

This is how sheltered I was as a kid.  I didn’t know that there were movies not produced by Disney until after I went to college.  I was not allowed to watch such films.  Saturday Night Live was out of the question and my parents had a strict 8pm bedtime.  Additionally, my mother wanted me to turn off a TV movie about Rock Hudson when I was 15, but I disobeyed her and watched it anyway.

I was watching it while Rob was home a few weeks back, but he wasn’t interested in it.  He thought it was just a little too weird for his tastes.  That’s okay.  This is one thing that I get all to myself!

Casey and Gizmo are going stir crazy and I think that Casey misses Rob a little bit.  We only have about 9 days to go!  I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Well, that’s all for now.  Talk to you soon!!  Thanks for reading!


Well, today, I didn’t bowl as well as I had hoped.  I know it didn’t do anything to my average, but I gave some people a few laughs.

 Imagine, I’ve got earphones on and I’m listening to Elvis.  Now, imagine that I’m am cleaning house, listening to Elvis.  It was a riot!  I was dancing and singing and everyone looking at me like I’m crazy (mainly because I’m the only one who can hear the music and I’m neither a great singer or dancer) and I’m shaking my booty all over the lanes.  It was a hilarious.  I was even laughing at myself at points throughout the evening.

I went and played the slots.  I had $106 on my card.  I played on a different machine and I lost it all 😦  I had it.  I had quadrupled my money.  It wasn’t like I was greedy or anything, but I really just didn’t feel like going home!  So, I spent it all.  Do you realize how much yarn I could have bought or the newest Sims2 game that I could have gotten or a new Wii game?

Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.

Well, it’s almost 1 am and I should think about hitting the sack.  I’m a little bored with Rob gone, but I’m an independent woman, I’m alright!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

30 Day Blogging Challenge

I’m a member of NaBloPoMo and it used to be just for the month of November.  There is a National Writing Month in November and they were kind of jumping in on that bandwagon.  Well, I received an email yesterday saying that they are going to expand the program and have new themes for April.  I’m going to take the challenge.  Starting April 1!  Check back often, as I will updating frequently.

You can check out the challenge at

Well, talk to you later!  Have a great day!

One of those days

I don’t know what my problem is.  Today, I’m in a bit of a funk.  Maybe it’s because Rob is leaving to go on a mission in a couple of days.  Maybe it’s because I had I had a dream last night about someone here.  I asked her if she had a problem with me and she said, “Yes.”  Actually, I don’t know if it WAS a dream or if it was real, but I’m pretty sure it was just a dream.

Maybe it’s because we’re moving again.  I honestly don’t know.  I’m sure I will be fine tomorrow.  Or just maybe I’m just a little tired or maybe it’s because I haven’t drank coffee in a couple of days.

Anyway, I’m doing alright.  It’s just one of those days…

The Animals

Yesterday, Gizmo was so nice to Casey.  He came up to Casey and gave him a big hug.  It was the sweetest thing.  I had never seen Gizzy do that to Casey before.

Today, we took Casey for a walk.  He did something new.  I had taken him off the leash and Rob found a flat basketball and started to play with it.  Casey wanted to join in the game and nosed the ball back over to Rob.  🙂  Then, we decided to walk over to the other side of the park and let him run.  Casey grabbed the detached leash in his mouth and was acting like we had him hooked up.  He walked very nicely with us.  Rob found a pine-cone and tossed it to Casey.  They played for a few minutes, but Casey grew tired of the game quickly.  He had decided to run at full speed for like 20 minutes. He was doing pretty well, staying in our sight and not going too far.  He fell over and started having one of his episodes.  Typically, we’re not supposed to mess with him too much while he’s having one of his episodes, but we thought he’d be more comfortable at home, so I picked him up and we walked home.  The episode lasted for a while, longer than usual.  He was disoriented and shaky for a while, which is not typical.

Rob’s worried that Casey’s condition could lead to something much more serious, but from what I’ve read about it, it really doesn’t affect anything else.  Yes, this condition does require more frequent vet visits, but other than that, he’s a perfectly healthy dog.  His ticker is strong, from what the vet was saying the last time we took him in because he had swollen anal glands after staying in a kennel for a long weekend and that is the most common problem with Casey’s breed.  Casey’s sleeping now.  Poor little guy.

We’re thinking about getting a German Shepard puppy in few months, so that Casey will have a buddy to play with.  He needs a companion!

Tomorrow, I’m doing a breakfast fundraiser at the motor-pool and I’m baking muffins right now.  Tomorrow morning, I have to get up early and make breakfast burritos.  Yumm!

So, I guess I better go for now!  TTFN and thanks for reading!

Busy Week Pt 2

Well, as I explained earlier this week, it was busy.  Much busier than I had originally anticipated!  I ended up going to the Retirement Ceremony with Rob on Thursday afternoon.  We were home long enough for Rob to grab a sandwich before we headed out to the Town Hall Meeting.  People are FREAKING out about the move to Kaiserslautern.  I don’t know what’s so scary about it, other than the fact that there’s a lot of people moving and some people who would rather live on base are not going to be able to do so.

I had league bowling tonight.  I bowled fairly decently.  I was well above my average in all but two games.  I bowled six, so I’m quite happy about this.  I don’t remember my scores tonight.  😦  My average has been going up every week, and as the average goes up, the handicap goes down.  Tonight I was listening to Elvis all night on my iPhone and I know that it was actually helping me.  When I listen to Elvis, it reminds me of my dad when I was a teenager.  He used to walk around the house singing some song or the other.  My dad sounds a lot like Elvis.

Rob is researching our next trip.  We received a $500 voucher because of the very badly handled flight from Germany to Ohio.  We are extremely grateful.  We’re hoping that we can use the vouchers from here in Germany because *obviously* we don’t live in the states.  We’re still waiting to see if the airline will allow us to use the voucher here.  There are so many places that we want to visit while we are still here.  We’ve made a ton of trips that are off the beaten path.  We’re currently looking at a trip to Moscow or Dublin.  I would really love to go to Russia, but not when it’s cold.  I would also love to go to Egypt and South Africa, but I don’t think that we’re going to have the opportunity to go to those countries.  Rob isn’t really interested in a trip to Egypt, so he thinks we should do separate vacations, but I don’t want to go on vacation by myself.  That doesn’t sound very fun to me.  I don’t know any ladies here that are interested in going to either of those locations.  It’s not the type of vacation that most Americans wish to go on.  Maybe I can get Mom and Dad F. to accompany on those trips.  They are big travelers!  I donno!

 Anyway, it’s almost 11.  I should probably go for now, even though I’m hopped up on coffee from the bowling alley.  Ummm, can you say “Motor-oil”?  LOL!!

Well, have a great day and thanks for reading!

Busy Week

This week is so busy.  Monday was just about the only day that was relaxing.  The only thing that Rob and I did was have dinner and watch Seinfeld on DVD.  Tuesday, we had an FRG meeting and we discussed our Battery Trip that we’re going to do on April 12th.  We’re really excited.  We’re going on a Rhine River Cruise.  It’s going to include a dinner and possibly dancing.  I think it sounds like fun.  Everyone seems be on board with it.  On Monday next week, I’m going to have a motorpool fundraiser.  I think it’ll be good.  We’ll have lots of food and it’s gonna be fun!!

Tonight Rob and I are going to a retirement dinner for the Sergeant Major of our higher headquarters.  I wasn’t obligated to attend, but it’ll do me some good to get out of the house.  Tomorrow is Thursday and there’s a Town Hall meeting that I have to attend.  On Friday, it’s my bowling night and I have to bowl 6 games…I don’t know how well I’ll do.  I know that I will probably bowl better on the first 3 games than I will on the last three, but since I didn’t bowl last week…we have to play make-up games.

Rob’s been working his butt off (and there’s not much left of it…heheehee!)  No, seriously,  he’s been taking some inane phone calls from his Soldiers!  Most of the phone calls that we’ve been dealing with are about orders and the move.  That seems to be the focus for the next few weeks.

Well, that’s what’s on my mind, anyway!  Well, I’m going to go for now.  Have a great day and thanks for reading!!

Edelweiss Hotel Resort

Rob and I were really lucky this past week to have the opportunity to attend a marriage retreat at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.  We were able to take some time and relax, get away from the demands of being a command team and focus on our marriage.  We had a really great time and we learned a lot, too.

We actually got to see it snow in Germany for the first time in 2 years.  It was really nice.  Casey puppy stayed with the neighbors this week.  He learned how to mark a few weeks ago, and Casey was marking in their house.  It was a bit embarrassing for me, but she said that they completely understood.  We are going to have him neutered when we move to Kaiserslautern.  Rob’s also really looking forward to getting a German Shepard puppy, too.  Casey really needs a companion and Rob wants “a real dog”.  As if Casey was a “fake” dog!! LOL!

This weekend, we’re taking it easy.  I’m going to make a pancake breakfast for him tomorrow and he’s going to make a tuna casserole for dinner tonight…yumm!

Well, I guess I better get going.  I’m sorry, there are no pictures from Edelweiss.  I brought the camera, but I left it in the hotel room for the majority of the trip.  I always forgot to grab it, or we thought, “We can come back up later and get it”  which of course we didn’t do…I have some not-so-great camera phone pictures, but nothing really worth posting.  Oh well.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!