The Animals

Yesterday, Gizmo was so nice to Casey.  He came up to Casey and gave him a big hug.  It was the sweetest thing.  I had never seen Gizzy do that to Casey before.

Today, we took Casey for a walk.  He did something new.  I had taken him off the leash and Rob found a flat basketball and started to play with it.  Casey wanted to join in the game and nosed the ball back over to Rob.  🙂  Then, we decided to walk over to the other side of the park and let him run.  Casey grabbed the detached leash in his mouth and was acting like we had him hooked up.  He walked very nicely with us.  Rob found a pine-cone and tossed it to Casey.  They played for a few minutes, but Casey grew tired of the game quickly.  He had decided to run at full speed for like 20 minutes. He was doing pretty well, staying in our sight and not going too far.  He fell over and started having one of his episodes.  Typically, we’re not supposed to mess with him too much while he’s having one of his episodes, but we thought he’d be more comfortable at home, so I picked him up and we walked home.  The episode lasted for a while, longer than usual.  He was disoriented and shaky for a while, which is not typical.

Rob’s worried that Casey’s condition could lead to something much more serious, but from what I’ve read about it, it really doesn’t affect anything else.  Yes, this condition does require more frequent vet visits, but other than that, he’s a perfectly healthy dog.  His ticker is strong, from what the vet was saying the last time we took him in because he had swollen anal glands after staying in a kennel for a long weekend and that is the most common problem with Casey’s breed.  Casey’s sleeping now.  Poor little guy.

We’re thinking about getting a German Shepard puppy in few months, so that Casey will have a buddy to play with.  He needs a companion!

Tomorrow, I’m doing a breakfast fundraiser at the motor-pool and I’m baking muffins right now.  Tomorrow morning, I have to get up early and make breakfast burritos.  Yumm!

So, I guess I better go for now!  TTFN and thanks for reading!