Guilty Pleasures

I have a new guilty pleasure.  It’s called “Dirt” and it’s a new TV show on FX.  It’s pretty shameful, has bad language, sex, drugs and other illicit stuff…it’s not a show for everyone, but it is Fox’s answer to Showtime’s Entourage.  I haven’t seen Entourage, but the DVD series is cheaper than Dirt.

I like Dirt because it’s got Courtney Cox in it.  This show is so completely addicting.  It’s actually on iTunes and you can download the shows there, but I think I’ll just wait for the DVDs to come out next season.  It’s about Lucy (Cox) who is the Editor in Chief at Dirt, a magazine that publishes celebrity gossip.  Don Konkey is a schizophrenic photojournalist who still uses film camera.  Sometimes he takes his medication, sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes, we can’t tell what is real and what is not, in his world–it’s fascinating–sometimes I wonder if that’s how my mom sees the world, but she never talked to the voices in her head (at least I don’t think so!)  We get a small glimpse into Lucy’s world and it’s full of hurt and pain.

I don’t recommend this show for everyone.  It it definitely a rated R show.  Personally, it would call it M+17.  It’s a show that I probably wouldn’t have liked as a kid anyway.  I was extremely sheltered.

This is how sheltered I was as a kid.  I didn’t know that there were movies not produced by Disney until after I went to college.  I was not allowed to watch such films.  Saturday Night Live was out of the question and my parents had a strict 8pm bedtime.  Additionally, my mother wanted me to turn off a TV movie about Rock Hudson when I was 15, but I disobeyed her and watched it anyway.

I was watching it while Rob was home a few weeks back, but he wasn’t interested in it.  He thought it was just a little too weird for his tastes.  That’s okay.  This is one thing that I get all to myself!

Casey and Gizmo are going stir crazy and I think that Casey misses Rob a little bit.  We only have about 9 days to go!  I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Well, that’s all for now.  Talk to you soon!!  Thanks for reading!

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