Quick Updates

I’m a lucky woman.  The Lord blessed me with an understanding husband who spoils me.  Not only that, he indulges me and my crazy whims–like Nintendo Wii’s and random electronic stuff.  Sometimes I wonder why.  I told him a couple of weeks ago that my cell phone contract was supposed to be expiring and that I was looking at getting a new cell phone.

Well, this past weekend, we were downtown and he let me look in the T-Mobile store to see if they had the phone I was wanting to get.  They didn’t, but they had the iPhone.  Rob really wants a new iPod, but I really wanted a cool new phone.  We get to compromise.

So, I called up Vodafone to see what I needed to do to cancel my contract.  Apparently (and this makes me so darned mad! ) you have to give notice IN WRITING 90 days in advance!  Yeah, like I would have KNOWN that since I don’t READ German and the sales person never told me that.  Not to mention the fact that American companies are different.  The compromise that Rob agreed to was that we take the rate to the lowest possible and go ahead and get the new iPhone.  It’s 400 euros, but it will be less when you use the VAT form.  19% VAT taxes!  Which makes it like 335 Euro.  It’s outrageous. 

So, I went to go to Vodafone yesterday morning and they wouldn’t take my contract down to 5 euros a month, but they did take it to 25 a month and I get free weekend and vodafone to vodafone calls.I’m so glad my husband spoils me.

Then again, he’s getting a BMW M3 in a few months and it’s going to be like $60,000…

I also finished my 2nd baby blanket yesterday.  I gave it to my neighbor, Jasmine who is expecting her first baby in July.


I’m working on another baby blanket.  Rob says that I should try to sell them, I don’t want to.  That would take the pleasure away from making them.

Anyway, I guess I should go for now.  I have my league bowling tonight.

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