Looking at Christ in a new way

I started my new Bible study today. It’s called “Falling in Love with Jesus” and it’s teaching us to start looking at Jesus as our Bride-Groom, instead of a Father. It’s interesting though, because I’ve always looked at God as a Daddy. I actually said something interesting, and a bit funny. If you’ve ever watched the Simpson’s, this will make perfect sense. We are looking at God and His wonderful love. Often, I ask Rob why he loves me. He always says, “I don’t know. I just do.” Grrr and that’s not enough….doesn’t he love my cute feet, or my long legs? And I sort of test God and ask Him, “Well, if you loved me, you would…X, Y, or Z” And then, I related it to Homer Simpson. He’s on his knees by the bed, praying. There’s this strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles on it. As he closes his prayer, he says, “And if you want me to eat this donut, send no sign…”pause pause pause. “Thy will be done.” and he gobbles up the donut in one bite.

Sometimes, I test God in the same way. But, usually I ask Him to send a superficial sign, like make the candle burn out or make a light flash. I’m constantly looking for the sign that God heard my prayer–or that He loves me. I know he can MAKE all those things happen, but He doesn’t have to show me through those ways–oh no, He’s much more subtle than that! After all, He wants to see me in action. I shouldn’t have to test God’s love for me…in fact, I shouldn’t be testing Rob’s love for me, either. God, why do you love me? “I don’t know, I just do. Why do you love Me?”