The funniest thing…

Casey and I were sitting here watching America’s Funniest Videos and they did a sequence on sneezing. This one video showed a lady with her dog and she said, “sit” and it got Casey’s attention. Then, the lady fake sneezed and the dog went to get her a tissue. Casey ran to the TV and circled around and looked up and watched it for a minute. Then, he comes over to me and sneezed like four times! It was freaking hilarious! I said to him, “What? Now you think I’m gonna get you a tissue?” He tilted his head and then headed to the door so I would let him out!

The funniest thing about what I said to him was that Casey likes to EAT my tissues. If they are within his reach, he will chow down on them!

I’ll leave you with that YUMMY thought!

Are you looking for the photo album?

If you are looking for the Farrell Photo Album, check out the link on the right. Newly updated: Farrell Family Reunion at the pizza parlor. Contact me if you want the photobucket address and password to access the original files. 🙂

I am currently working on the Toledo Zoo Lights pictures and finishing up on the New Year’s Eve photos.

Okay, no new updates for now. Thanks for reading 🙂