The funniest thing…

Casey and I were sitting here watching America’s Funniest Videos and they did a sequence on sneezing. This one video showed a lady with her dog and she said, “sit” and it got Casey’s attention. Then, the lady fake sneezed and the dog went to get her a tissue. Casey ran to the TV and circled around and looked up and watched it for a minute. Then, he comes over to me and sneezed like four times! It was freaking hilarious! I said to him, “What? Now you think I’m gonna get you a tissue?” He tilted his head and then headed to the door so I would let him out!

The funniest thing about what I said to him was that Casey likes to EAT my tissues. If they are within his reach, he will chow down on them!

I’ll leave you with that YUMMY thought!

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