Day 4

It’s been a good day. I’ve wanted a few cigarettes, but I’ve fought the urge and I won! I’m doing this for our soon to be baby (the one that only exists in God’s eye right now!) Rob and I are getting really excited to make a baby! This is the reason that I continue fighting the cravings.

Casey had an Episodic Falling seizure again today. He’s had several since we’ve had him and the first couple of times that he had them, we thought that it was just a fluke. He had another one at Christmas time while we were at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. We hadn’t seen any in a while and we were thinking that it might be okay to breed him. I don’t think so. I would hate to pass this on. It doesn’t seem real harmful to him. He just get really stiff and shaky. This episode lasted a little more than 5 minutes. Rob and I held him. Rob said he was really scared. I was calm. I just pet him and said it was going to be okay. Rob said that if he wasn’t so scared for Casey, he would have thought it was funny how Casey was slipping all over the hard-wood floor. I didn’t think it was funny, I just thought he was playing. He must have over-stimulated himself. Poor Casey. I’m having him neutered when we get to K-Town after he’s a year old. I want him to have all the male hormones etc…

Rob has got the flu and he hardly ate dinner tonight. He went to bed early and I am getting ready to go to bed shortly myself. I don’t feel especially tired, but I know that I need to keep myself on schedule.

I really do appreciate my readers and I just want to say thanks for reading! Have a great day and we’ll talk soon!