Hell Froze Over

Yup, it sure did. I read the news story with my own eyes. I didn’t coin it though, Rob is much more clever than I can ever hope to be.

So, are you curious yet? LOL It snowed in Iraq for the first time in memory yesterday. I wanted to post this yesterday night, but Rob and I were playing Guitar Hero that my brother and sister in law got for Rob for Christmas this year.

Anyway, it snowed in Iraq!!!

Rob is gone for two and a half weeks. He was telling some of his Soldiers that he’s gonna have to give me a raise! Yeah, right! He only said that because I can pack a Duffel bag like no one’s business. He’ll never get it packed like that again. I told him to take an extra bag so he can get everything back! LOL!

I’m watching Saturday Night Live. I forgot how stupid some of the skits are! Uggh. There’s nothing else on to watch.

I should be tired right now, but since I got up with Rob at 5 am, I stay up until around 11 and took a nap until 3, so I’m doing alright. I might head off to bed in a few minutes. We’ll see.

Anyway, I really don’t have thing else to chat about! Thanks for reading!

Denver Capitol Building

This is the Denver Capitol Building. It’s pretty much across the street from the City and County Building. I was a good distance away from it! I probably took 15 photos of it and only 2 are good. It’s hard to take pictures in the dark when you should be using a tripod!

Oh well, hope you enjoy it!