Not Nothing-ness

Well, today turned out to be a bit more interesting than I had expected! First of all, I went into work and even though all my leads didn’t pan out, there is always tomorrow…and hopefully I will get some more news. And if I don’t, that’s not my fault because I totally left all of the information and if she wants to do something about it to make it better, she’ll call me!

Then, Chris called and said, “You still want to go to the PX?” So he and I headed on over there. He hurt his back on New Years lifting his baby and he was in the hospital for like a week. He said he’s getting better, but it’s still easier with someone to help him out with Anthony. I love that kid anyway. I love the hugs I get from him! Anyway, I got my cable bill paid, got some Mentos and had a nice conversation with Wanda, the clerk at the shoppette. She’s such a wonderful lady. I know she has to be blessed. I didn’t ask her, but I know that she’s in pain and I usually try to ask how’s she feeling when I see her. She and I had a nice conversation about arts and crafts. She likes to needle point. I don’t like it. I can cross-stitch if it is printed, but not counted cross-stitch. I don’t have the patience for that. Anyway, where I was going with this is, even though she’s in a lot of pain, she’s still got this contagious smile and just this happy-go-lucky attitude. I’m really glad they hired her. They couldn’t have hired a better person!

Then, I came home and watched American Idol and that was fun. I was crocheting the whole time. I don’t have to have my eyes glued on it to enjoy or cringe when I watch it. And after a while, I decided to call Talia, assuming that she was watching it and she wasn’t! SURPRISE! We got to talking and I sort of gave away part of her Christmas gift (I don’t like surprises! and thankfully, she doesn’t read my blogs…so) I got her this great Barbie doll. She asked for one and I got it for her. It’s the Top Model on and she’s so pretty. I don’t have a Barbie, so we can’t play together 😦 The one I like is the Christmas 2007 collector’s edition and you’re really not supposed to take those out of the boxes. I suspect that if Talia and I played Barbies one day, I would take her out of the box (no, I don’t have it, I want it!)

Then, after a while I started crocheting again and I ran out of yarn. I knew that I would because I had only bought 3 skeims of yarn when we were home. I used the money that Mom and Dad Farrell gave me to buy some crochet hooks and yarn. Well, even though, technically speaking, the project isn’t done, I’m done crocheting it. It’s a tiny blanket that’s just Casey’s size. I didn’t like how it turned out anyway. There were several mistakes that I didn’t pull out because I don’t know why…laziness I guess.

So, as you can see, my dog’s tiny blanket is done. Isn’t it cute?