Good news!

Well, I’ve been itching to get this news off of my chest! It’s wonderful (mainly!) news.

I’m quitting smoking soon. Still haven’t set a date, but I will. I have until Monday morning to decide!

Secondly, I had some blood drawn just after Thanksgiving this year. My Ob/Gyn and I got to talking when I had my last “you’re in the clear” PAP smear. If you didn’t know this, I had cervical cancer a few years ago. I had to have a part of my cervix removed so that it wouldn’t spread. I was told to have a PAP four times a year for a year and if those were good, then I could go to 2x a year for two years. If those were good, then I could just have done once a year. They said that there’s a risk that it can come back…even in 20 years…so it’s best this way.

Anyway, the doctor and I started chatting. She was asking if my husband and I were planning a family and I explained my whole story to her and she listened carefully. She did the PAP and told me to run over to the lab and have some blood drawn. She had a hunch, but didn’t tell me about it. She said that she’d call, but with the holidays, she wasn’t able to do so.

I made an appointment with her and she pulled my records and she told me that I wasn’t ovulating! Can you believe it? Well, no wonder why Rob and I can’t have babies! The doctor previously said that they wouldn’t even do simple blood tests for infertility as long as I was still battling cervical cancer. Well, the doctor that did my PAP said that was ridiculous and that they were just being lazy. She said that while yes they are in the same area, one does not necessarily affect the other!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she prescribed Clomid for me which she wanted me to take in January, but with Rob gone for 3 weeks, I’m going to wait until February to start the cycle. Basically, it tricks the brain into thinking that one hormone isn’t being produced and so the brain over produces on another–and it forces an ovulation. They are starting me out on a low dose right now. If it doesn’t work, then they increase the dose next month. I have 6 shots at this. The stats are pretty good. In 50% of the women who take this in 3 months get pregnant. 75% of the women who take this in 6 months ovulate and 50% of those get pregnant and carry to term. At least now, I have a fighting chance! The doctor said that I have to go back and have my blood tested after the first round and every round thereafter. If it doesn’t work, then it’s off to more powerful drugs. I think that they will also take a look at my tubes and all of that to make sure that there are no blockages or potential endometriosis.

She also let me know that while the chances of me getting pregnant are pretty good, there is also a good chance that I could have twins. Triplets, she said, are exceptionally rare. And since twins and triplets run in my family…who knows!!


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