Home for the Holidays

As you have already read in my previous entry, Rob and I went home for Christmas and New Year’s. Our flights coming back into Germany wasn’t nearly as adventurous as the ones leaving! Actually, they were normal. Thankfully!
We left Ohio on Christmas eve and flew into Denver. It was a bit of a struggle leaving though, because Rob’s uniform was completely messed up and he had to change clothes at the last minute and our bags weren’t packed as well, so we had to dig through three bags to find clothes and shoes for him. Almost as soon as we landed in Denver (45 minutes early) we were greeted by my dad and brother. The drama had started weeks before, but I can always ask to talk to them later, if we’re talking on the phone.
I do love my family, but it’s not easy to get along with them. After getting our bags, I called my mother and she said she wanted to get together, but we wouldn’t be able to until Christmas Day. It snowed 8 inches. So, the next day we headed to the Western Slope to see her side of the family. We ended up spending an extra day there because the interstate was too bad to drive over. As soon as we got back to Denver, I called my mother and she ended up attacking me saying, “Everyone else is more important to you than me…and you don’t love me”. I responded to her saying that she was the first person that I called when I got into town and that I did love her. She told me that she decided not to keep the birthday gift that I got her and that she was going to return it. I called her ungrateful. She hung up on me. We haven’t talked since. I doubt I ever will again.
I love Rob’s family. They’re so easy. There’s no drama. I joked that I couldn’t divorce Rob because I loved his family so much. I wouldn’t anyway, but the wonderful family he has is a huge bonus. I didn’t like most of my ex’s family and they didn’t like me either. They quit pretending they liked me before we ever said our vows.
Anyway, we’ve made it back to Germany and we were both jet-lagged so bad this weekend that our days didn’t begin until the afternoon and we were up all night. Today has got to be hard on him. I’m doing okay, but I don’t have to work, so it’s been a little relaxing for me.
I’m headed over to the clinic to talk to the Community Health Nurse so I can quit smoking. No, it’s not my New Year’s resolution. I don’t believe in them. They are perfunctory for a week or so and I’ve never met anyone who is actually SUCCESSFUL at keeping them. I have wanted to quit for a while now and I did promise months ago that I would. I was successful for 1 and 1/2 days. I was going to wait until we moved in a few months, but I’ve never even tried, even though I’ve said that I would every time we’ve moved. My memory can be short, but I knew that if I did wait, it was never going to happen. Now seemed like a good time. I guess I’ll come up with a game plan this afternoon.
Well, nothing else going on. Need to go for now.

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