The trip over…

Well, we left our home at around 10 in the morning and we headed out to the airport. We ended up getting lost looking for the parking lot, so it took us an extra 30 minutes time. We finally made it to the check in counter and we got our boarding cards and everything seemed to be going so grand. We got on the plane and we had just flown over Scotland and we were 30 minute over the Atlantic ocean when the pilot gets on the speaker and says that there is a hydraulic problem with the plane and they are going to be making an emergency landing back in London. Many (not that many!) people were pretty upset that we were being diverted, but there was nothing that could be done to change the fact. Take it as it comes…you have to! So after we landed, we stood in line for 3 hours waiting to go through the Security point and to stand in another 2 hour line to get re-ticketed. We did all that just to wait in line to pick on the bus on the way to the hotel–where–you guessed it–to stand in ANOTHER line to get a key for our hotel room. They didn’t have enough rooms for everyone so they told the last of us to go stand in line to get some grub while they worked out the room situation. Rob went to get the key and we were FINALLY able to get some rest. We didn’t sleep too well, but it was definitely better than sleeping in the airport. We went down for breakfast, ate and waited for the bus to pick us up to go to the airport, but there weren’t enough buses and so we were in the last group of people to be left and we thought that they were sending another bus, but they didn’t. Someone from the group called the airline back and let them know that we were still stuck at the hotel and then they sent another bus for us.
After that we stood in line for our boarding passes for an hour and a half and we were late for getting to our flight–but they held it for us and we took off an hour late. When we did make it back to Chicago, we were supposed to catch another flight, but it was leaving 20 minutes after we landed and obviously missed it. They re-booked our flight for another hour later and we made it to the terminal only to find that they delayed our flight for almost 4 hours because there was mechanical problems with the plane. We ended up making it to Dayton a day and a half later.
We had a great visit. We headed up to Toledo to spend a day with his sister, her husband and their two kids. It was awesome! We got to go see the Toledo Zoo Lights and that was not at all disappointing. We didn’t see much snow in Ohio–except what was on the ground before we got there. It was disappointing at best.

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