Today, just as I did yesterday, I got out of bed and proceeded to put my exercise clothes on.  Then, I rode in with Rob and I exercised!

After we got to his office, I took his key and went into the room that had the scale in it.  I lost a whole pound.  Now, normally I wouldn’t be so happy over one pound, but hey, one pound is one pound less I have to lose!  Heehee!

Oh, my goodness, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I seriously didn’t think that I had lost any weight, but I don’t want to weigh myself on any other scale right now.  I know that the scale that’s at Rob office is calibrated and it’s the scale that I used to get my baseline from–and it also means that I can’t check the scale everyday–which isn’t altogether a bad thing.  I don’t want to be a slave to the scale!  I do want to get fit and I want to be able to wear some of my expensive dresses that I bought in 2006.  I wore those dresses for about a year and then I just got too big again.  But, I can say that they have been dry cleaned and they are just waiting for me to wear them again.  I’m sure they’re a little sad, since they don’t come into my regular rotation anymore.  Poor things!

Anyway, I’m doing the happy dance today!  1 down, 24 to go!!!  Woohoo!!

4 thoughts on “Woohoo!!

  1. Yay for one pound! Keep it going. They say if you do something 21 days in a row, it’ll become habit. My problem is doing it the 21 days in a row… Good luck to you though!

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