FRG Meeting

Not that most of you really care all that much about this, but I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this.

We had a GREAT meeting today.  So much for my pessimism.  That’s classic me.  Today, we got a new First Sergeant (1SG).  He’s great.  He’s really going to transform our Battery into something special.  He’s going to get our Soldiers Fit-To-Fight; he’s not going to take any crap; he’s got a really good head on his shoulders and most of all, he supports our FRG completely.  I’m absolutely THRILLED about this!  You really have no idea.

The Army has said that FRG is an official and essential function of the Army; Said that we need to take care of our families, keep them informed and most of all, somehow get them interested in participating (that’s the kicker here!  They want us to motivate the families to attend, but they’re cutting us off at the knees…one very essential piece out of the puzzle–literally, has been cut out–it’s the center piece that makes the puzzle complete–the social aspects of being an Army spouse)

I can’t say wife anymore.  Today, I had my first male spouse attend.  He seems like he’s got a great sense of humor and he’ll probably call himself an Army wife–he’s doing what Army wives do…he fixed a plate for the potluck tonight (quite tasty, if I do say so myself–I’m not much of a cook!), is a stay-at-home-dad of 2 young elementary aged kids and is willing to volunteer to do FRG related stuff.  This is rare for male spouses.  Those of you who know anything about military life can relate to this.  Men tend to think of FRG as a bunch of squawking women…and we’re really not!  So, I’m VERY happy to have him on-board!!  I’ll just think of him like “Roland”–you know, the only male spouse shown on the TV show Army Wives.

So, anyway, we had our potluck tonight and we ate first, something that I normally wait until the end to do so we can get through our meeting quicker.  Well, with all the craziness that’s been going on, there wasn’t time to print out the calendars, so we ate first, had our social hour at the beginning and then had our meeting.  That worked out pretty well, actually–might have to try that one again!

We were able to discuss fundraising and spending of the money that we already have.  We’re going to set up a little office for our FRG.  I’m super-thrilled about this!

We also decided that we’re going to do a Jane Wayne day.  We got some really good ideas and we’re going to try to put that together in a few months.  That’s going to take a lot of planning and coordination to make that happen, but I think it would be good and it’ll be a great team building exercise!  I just can’t wait!

Well, anyway, that’s pretty much all that happened and now Rob’s pretty tired after a long day, so I’m going to bid you all a good night and we’ll chat about this some other time!  TTFN

I did what I said I wasn’t going to do…

…but it paid off in the end.

I DON’T want to be a slave to the scale as I take my journey down WeightLoss Rd., but when I saw the opportunity this morning, I went ahead and weighed myself. It was more of a curiosity, anyway…

I checked the scale to make sure that it zeroed correctly, then I stepped on it and put the weights at 158, set my arms to my side and then the scale tipped too heavy, so slowly, I moved the weight to the left when I landed on a number that was surprising, to say the least!  155!  That’s 5 pounds total that I’ve lost since I’ve started my diet and exercise routine.  I didn’t believe it, so I zeroed the scale again, just to be sure, and then I weighed myself again!

It does work–it’s the only thing that works!  I just can’t believe that in 2 weeks, I’ve lost 5 pounds!  No, folks, I haven’t been starving myself to do it either–but I’ve not restricted anything either.  I had a quite large Taco Bell meal on Sunday and other junk foods since I’ve started dieting and exercising regularly this last week.

So, I’m even happier today than I was yesterday. I didn’t lose 4 pounds in a day, of that I’m certain, but I’m sure that since I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and exercising that my metabolism has improved.

There was also another error that I noticed today and I think I should mention it.  The treadmill measures weight in Kilos, not pounds!  I was entering my weight at 160–KILOS!!! LOL!  I did NOT burn 850 calories on the treadmill the other day.  It was probably closer to 400!  Boy, was my face red when I learned that!  Oppps!

Today is our FRG meeting.  It wasn’t great last month, so I’m not keeping my hopes high that it will be a lot of people there, but there are things that we need to discuss–like fund raising and stuff about the Battery Org day!  It should be a lot of fun!!  But blah, enough for now.

I’m a bit tired, as I’ve been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, when I’m used to getting 8-9.  I don’t know how my husband does it on 4 hours (or less) every night.  It’s insane!