An exciting day

Today, Rob and I went to go see Codiak.  He’s getting so big.  I brought my camera, but I forgot to bring it inside with me, so there are no pictures of him this time.  Casey also joined us on the trip. He had a great time.  He got to meet Codiak’s older sister, Amy.  He had more fun playing with her than with Codiak.  It was funny because Codiak wanted to play with Casey, but he was so aloof, it wasn’t even funny (okay, actually it was really cute…but I can’t show you!)

What was really funny was that as soon as Casey came into the yard where the puppies were.  Codiak peed and then, Casey peed right on the same spot that Codiak did!  Casey’s such a beta dog, but you wouldn’t know it…he was with Amy, anyway and Amy is only 10 months and Casey is 15.

Aww, I really wished I had remembered to bring the camera inside.  Oh well.

We had a lot of fun playing with the pups.

Well, more later.  It’s bedtime.  Thanks for reading!