Where’s the panic button?

I received an email late last night from one of my best friends saying, “I’ve been trying this number xxx, but it doesn’t work.”  So I emailed her back explaining that the 0 button on my keypad sometimes gets a little flacky.  I gave her my cell phone number as well and this morning at 10 am, I get a phone call from her saying, “I’m in Germany!!!”  She explained that she was worried about where to stay and that she needed to find a hotel room and so on and so on while she was looking for an apartment.  I thought I had offered her a place to stay, but perhaps in the chaos, I forgot to mention that she was welcome to stay with me while she was house hunting or whatever.

So, now, not only is she coming, but so are her parents.  I know them well.  We’ve stayed at their home on numerous occasions during OktoberFest and other times, so as my husband says, “I would never say no to them.”

Now, I have to cook for 5 people.  I can barely cook for two, how I am going to do this for FIVE?  This is like having a dinner party that goes on for two weeks!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?  This is completely new to me!

Please help!