What makes me so darned mad!!!

I was in the ER yesterday because I fell down the stairs.  Do you know what the first question the doctor asked me was after he asked me what happened?  “Were you pushed?”  I mean what kind of FUCKED up question is that?  He implied that my husband was BEATING me!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband DOES beat me–but only at the Game of Life ®.  No, we hardly ever fight and when we do, it’s pretty mellow fights–we don’t even yell at each other!  I’ve never lived like this before.  It feels NORMAL!

Anyway, I digress.  It really bothers me that they would ever imply that my husband would ever hit or hurt me.  The next question they asked me was if I had anything to drink.  I fell down the stairs at 2 in the afternoon.  Who drinks at that hour?!  I don’t!  When I drink, which isn’t all that often, I don’t usually start until after 6–and even then, I don’t drink all that much!

oh, well…so much for my rants!