Where’s the panic button?

I received an email late last night from one of my best friends saying, “I’ve been trying this number xxx, but it doesn’t work.”  So I emailed her back explaining that the 0 button on my keypad sometimes gets a little flacky.  I gave her my cell phone number as well and this morning at 10 am, I get a phone call from her saying, “I’m in Germany!!!”  She explained that she was worried about where to stay and that she needed to find a hotel room and so on and so on while she was looking for an apartment.  I thought I had offered her a place to stay, but perhaps in the chaos, I forgot to mention that she was welcome to stay with me while she was house hunting or whatever.

So, now, not only is she coming, but so are her parents.  I know them well.  We’ve stayed at their home on numerous occasions during OktoberFest and other times, so as my husband says, “I would never say no to them.”

Now, I have to cook for 5 people.  I can barely cook for two, how I am going to do this for FIVE?  This is like having a dinner party that goes on for two weeks!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?  This is completely new to me!

Please help!

5 thoughts on “Where’s the panic button?

  1. OMG- Let’s not panic. You CAN do this. Did you see the BBQ chicken post I did? So easy and I fed 10 people on four breast of chicken, check it out.
    Try roasting a whole chicken too. Okay, and eggs are good. Go with eggs–scrambled, fried, ect.
    You actually wanted advise right? Am I being bossy? Seriously, email me if you need more ideas.
    It will be fun.

  2. When my family is out here we go to our friends’ house where the husband is a chef. But we’re in California so that probably won’t help you much. When it’s just us we eat a lot of frozen food from Trader Joe’s so that probably doesn’t help much either. I guess I’m pretty much useless for this sort of thing …

  3. Carole says:

    I”m sure your guests will be willing to help out, don’t overwhelm yourself, you can be hospitable without being a chef. As long as people feel they’re welcome and at ease they don’t really care what they eat. I would just be honest, cause you are gonna want their input on what they want to eat. make a couple of meals, go out a couple of times, ask them to prepare something their favorite dish a couple of times, pizza, pasta…easy dishes, doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal 🙂 does that help?

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