I did what I said I wasn’t going to do…

…but it paid off in the end.

I DON’T want to be a slave to the scale as I take my journey down WeightLoss Rd., but when I saw the opportunity this morning, I went ahead and weighed myself. It was more of a curiosity, anyway…

I checked the scale to make sure that it zeroed correctly, then I stepped on it and put the weights at 158, set my arms to my side and then the scale tipped too heavy, so slowly, I moved the weight to the left when I landed on a number that was surprising, to say the least!  155!  That’s 5 pounds total that I’ve lost since I’ve started my diet and exercise routine.  I didn’t believe it, so I zeroed the scale again, just to be sure, and then I weighed myself again!

It does work–it’s the only thing that works!  I just can’t believe that in 2 weeks, I’ve lost 5 pounds!  No, folks, I haven’t been starving myself to do it either–but I’ve not restricted anything either.  I had a quite large Taco Bell meal on Sunday and other junk foods since I’ve started dieting and exercising regularly this last week.

So, I’m even happier today than I was yesterday. I didn’t lose 4 pounds in a day, of that I’m certain, but I’m sure that since I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and exercising that my metabolism has improved.

There was also another error that I noticed today and I think I should mention it.  The treadmill measures weight in Kilos, not pounds!  I was entering my weight at 160–KILOS!!! LOL!  I did NOT burn 850 calories on the treadmill the other day.  It was probably closer to 400!  Boy, was my face red when I learned that!  Oppps!

Today is our FRG meeting.  It wasn’t great last month, so I’m not keeping my hopes high that it will be a lot of people there, but there are things that we need to discuss–like fund raising and stuff about the Battery Org day!  It should be a lot of fun!!  But blah, enough for now.

I’m a bit tired, as I’ve been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, when I’m used to getting 8-9.  I don’t know how my husband does it on 4 hours (or less) every night.  It’s insane!

3 thoughts on “I did what I said I wasn’t going to do…

  1. textyladies says:

    Congratulations!! That’s fantastic! Exercise seems to be a key factor when trying to lose weight. When I’ve been a slug all week, nothing much happens. It’s great that you’ve lost weight and haven’t starved yourself. Whoohoo for you! 🙂


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