Good day, Sunshine!

I’m feeling very good about myself at this point!  I went to the gym today after having been out of it for the last two weeks.  I had the staples removed from my elbow on Sunday afternoon and the Dr. gave me the okay to start back into my normal routine again.  Woohoo!  I was going to go into the gym yesterday, except that my husband had Officer PT in a different location than he normally has it, so I opted to not go to the gym yesterday.

Today, I did a fast (and I am talking fast) walk on the treadmill for over an hour.  It said that I had burned about 850 calories!  Woohoo!!!

I fixed breakfast for Rob and I.  We had scrambled eggs with cheese and ham bits.  It was yummy.  I was going to make French Toast, but Rob wanted eggs.  That’s alright, I only bought a 1/2 carton of eggs.  It’s just two of us, but I only have 2 eggs left, so I guess from now on, I’ll have to buy a full dozen!

Other than that, nothing much going on.  I have to go finish cutting the grass with the weed eater.  I have only done about half the yard, but Rob wants to see it done before we bring Codiak home.  I don’t blame him…plus, the shorter the grass, the less I have to worry about a tick problem on my new puppy.  He’ll still be a bit too young for Frontline!

Well, I better get going, I have lots of stuff to get done today!  TTFN

2 thoughts on “Good day, Sunshine!

  1. Rock on, girl! That’s awesome! I’m so proud…(I’m getting all verklempt, and feeling a little guilty that I haven’t run since last Wednesday).

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