Movie Mania Monday

Today has been a day of movie watching, even if it shouldn’t be!  I’ll get my butt into gear in a few minutes.

The first movie I watched was Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”.  Now, I’ve probably heard the song, but have I ever listened to the words?  Probably not, it’s a 20 minute long song!!!

So, as I was sitting here watching it, I decided to go to and find out more information about Arlo.  One of my college professor’s really liked him, since his dad hailed from Oklahoma, which is where this professor of mine was from, as well.  Woody’s birthday is celebrated every year!  It’s pretty neat actually.  I learned that from watching the commentary by Arlo.

I also didn’t know that the song was based on a true story, nor did I know that there really was a church!  I felt so ignorant watching!  But as I watched, about 1/2 way through the movie did it dawn on me that this really WAS based on a true story! Not everything in the movie is 100% accurate; they had to add some bits and characters to make it a bit more interesting!

The next movie that I started to watch was the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  Now, you’re all probably thinking, haven’t you seen that movie like a billion times?  Ummm…no.  Never, not once.  Truth-be-told, I had friends in high school and they talked about it all the time and then, while working at Denny’s on the late night Saturday shift, the RHPS folks would come after a show at 3 am.  I think they all assumed that I’d seen it.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them I hadn’t.  Then, there’s my friend, T, who would KILL me if she knew the truth.  I rented the movie from Netflix and got it in the mail a couple of days ago.  Rob was also like, “How many times have you seen this?  Why did you get it!?”  I told him the truth and now, seriously, he looks at me different!

Yeah, so I’m watching the movie and I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is about this movie that gave it a whole cult following.  Granted, I’ve only seen the first 30 minutes of it or something, but still nothing in it really stands out to me.  At least, after today, I will be able to walk down the street with my head held high knowing that I’ll never again think, “Gee, I’ve never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.” (because I do it so often…)

Happy movie watching!


Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn’t make any sense!  I think I understood it, but as I think about it, the story itself doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!  This is a strange movie–musical!

6 thoughts on “Movie Mania Monday

  1. I know there are probably huge tomes of gobblygook explaining the philosophy and religion of RHPS, but I just know that I LOVE Tim Curry in this movie.

  2. I’ve found it’s best to stop after the Touch-Me song and leave it at that. I love the movie though. At one of our state-wide committee meetings, for which I am the recorder, I played Time Warp during the break. A few people did the dance, but the rest looked at me like I was an idiot. So the next break I played Thriller. 🙂

  3. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of RHPS. My husband hasn’t seen any of it. I have had Time Warp in my head ever since I read this post earlier today

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