New Toys

Hi all! Last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday and I got some really cool toys that I wanted to share with everyone. First of all, one of the things that I got is NOT a toy, but is in fact a pair of the MOST gorgeous earrings I’ve ever laid eyes on. My husband’s parents got them for me, along with a very stylish top (I’d show you that too, except that it’s in the wash 😉 )


Then, my friends T & J got me this really cool thing called “Bamboo” and I love it~except it’s really hard to play Dash games on it. 😦 Oh well. Other than that, it’s great. It’s like a pen and paper, except that it’s your mouse and navigator all in one! You can write with it and blog with it, but it’s actually just faster for me to type, so I seriously doubt that I’ll be using it to blog with. And, I have really enjoyed the freedom to sit back on my couch to do some of the surfing that I would be doing sitting up. I love it. It’s time to get comfy!

And, from myself, I got a pedometer. A REALLY NICE pedometer, at that. It’s got software that you load into your PC (there might be a MAC version, too, I don’t really know) and it counts every step, remembers 42 days of info, has a clock, separately counts aerobic steps, measures distance, and calories burned and the software tracks progress for like 4 years or something crazy like that. You can put it in your pocket, purse or attach it to your belt and it’s still supposed to work. On the display, it has a 7 day history. It also has a security strap to attach to your clothing so that you won’t lose your little gizmo. Now, I found this little doo-dad on for UNDER $30. I couldn’t believe it! I’m really excited to start using it.

4 thoughts on “New Toys

    Rah, rah, rah!! Hugs & Kisses, too!! 🙂

    It sounds like you had a great birthday! I wish we could have had a cup of coffee together. 🙂

    What cool gifts you received! My husband has the Bamboo and uses it while working in PhotoShop. I’ve been secretly coveting it and hope to get one soon for myself. Your inlaws have fantastic taste because those earrings are terrific! Your gift to yourself is great. I’ve had a few pedometers but they never worked well and always added extra steps for just moving my legs while sitting. Yours looks to be a good one.

    I hope you have the best year ever, Amber! You deserve the best!


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