Happy Birthday

Well, Dad!  Today’s your day!  I really hope you had fun at that baseball game.  I’m really jealous that you got to go.  I L.O.V.E. baseball.

Funny, everyone I talk to says, “Baseball’s boring.”  I say, “It’s too fast!”  Case in point–this morning at the gym, they had the Sports channel on and they were doing a recap of all the games that were played yesterday.  They actually had to make the film STOP-MOTION because the plays happened way too fast for anyone to actually see.

Blah, blah, blah…you don’t want to hear read all that…I know what you’re thinking…”Where’s my video?”  Well, Dad, it’s funny you should ask.  I was trying to find something REALLY unusual for you, but something that you would like.  So, I searched and searched YouTube and I found this…although, it’s not really what I was looking for…

(Binky is a clown that had a local spot on TV in Denver.)

But I decided that wasn’t good enough, so I started looking for something else…when I came upon this this gem…

And I know that you want to see some fair weather again.  I’m sure that singing this song will help!  So, then I seriously started searching for a birthday song…but this is all I could find!

No, but seriously…

We DO wish you a very happy birthday and I hope this post brings a smile to you today!

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