Well, today, Casey gets the bandage taken off and the stitches come out.  There may be an xray done today, but I’m not really sure!  I know he’ll be happy that he’ll no longer be a tripod 🙂  I’ll be much happier because I won’t have to listen to him bark all the dang time!

This morning was an early morning for me.  Rob didn’t get paid his full amount last week on his paycheck and we need to get that taken care of today.  Rob woke me up and asked if I knew where the strongbox was, which I didn’t but I found it.  We have to dip into our savings AGAIN to pay our rent.  Stupid army!  And, there’s never a good time for Rob to get away so that he can take care of himself.  Everyone else comes first.  I don’t mind, but ya know, we do HAVE to pay rent!

This is the other thing about moving that I hate.  I hate hate hate that our pay is messed up.  It’s not like we didn’t do what we were supposed to do, when we were supposed to do it!  Grrr!  Gotta love those finance-bubbas.

Anyway, there’s not a whole lot going on here.

Yesterday, we went to the movies.  We saw, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” and that was actually a pretty good movie.  Since it’s rated G, I knew that there were going to be a lot of children in the theater, but surprisingly, the kids were quiet!  That is such a rare thing these days.

After the movie, Rob asked me what next.  He’s been itching to go to Trier, which is the oldest German town!  But, it’s like an hour away, so Rob said, “Is there another town closer?”  I had remembered to write the name of this itty-bitty little town in my notebook when I came down to Kaiserslautern in February.  It’s called “Lambrecht (pfalz)” and it was a small, sleepy town.  We found a cute little beer garden and we hung out there for a couple of hours.  Then, we decided to walk around the town.  We found this old church, but we couldn’t get into it, though there were a lot of cars parked nearby.  We walked around the church and we happened upon a playground.  There was this swing and so, I got on it and then Rob joined me.  The swing was round and looked like a giant diaphragm .  We swung for about 30 minutes!  It was so much fun!

Then, after he and I were sufficiently dizzy, we decided to go get some ice cream.  There was a shop right across the street.  I ordered a pizza-eis.  Now, I’ve had spaghetti eis before, but never a pizza eis.  It was really interesting.  The bottom layer was banana ice cream, with another layer of raspberry and strawberry.  Then, they layered strawberry slices and kiwi slices.  And as fake whole black olives, they used black currant.  On top of that, they sprinkled some coconut.  Then, there were two wafer cookies to top it all off!  How creative! I would have never thought of that!  It was really good, albeit, expensive (4 euro = $7!)

We got home around 11 pm last night and with the sun coming up earlier and earlier, we only got a couple of hours to rest.

I expect Rob back from PT anytime now, so I guess I better run for now.  Gotta get ready to go to the Vet’s office in about an hour!

Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

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