FriendsIs one of my all time favorite TV shows (Yes, I know it’s not on the air anymore! LOL!)  Today, I’m going to take some of my favorite lines from it!  Today’s scenes are from Season 6, disk 3.  “The One With Rachel’s Sister”

 Monica:  I have not been sick in over 3 years! (she sneezes)

Chandeler: I think you’re sick because that used to be in your nose. I’m gonna grab you some tissue.

Monica:  I don’t need a tissue.  I’m find.

Ross:  When you put a “D” at the end of fine, you’re not fine!

Monica:  I’m find.  I’m find.  I’m FIND!  It’s a really hard word to say!


Jill (Rachel’s spoiled sister):  Sorry I’m late.  What’s up?

Rachel:  Oh.  Hey.  Ahhhh…You know…I just wanted to see if there were any leads on the ole job hunt?

Jill:  No.  But I just walked past three sales and I didn’t go in.  How strong am I?

Rachel:  Oh.  That is great!  Hey, you know who doesn’t have to job hunt?  Ross.  He works at the university.

Jill:  Yeah…

Rachel: Oh so you know that.  You talked about that?  So you get along?  So you think you’re gonna go out?

Jill:  Me?  Go out with Ross?  No, God no.  What would make you think that?

Rachel:  I just…Phebe…She, uh, you know, thought she saw something between you guys…

Jill:  No!  I mean he’s nice…

Rachel:  Yeah…

Jill:  He’s the kind of guy you’re friends with, you know.  He’s not the kind you date…I mean, he’s the kind of guy you’d date, well, ‘cuz you did, but meee?  Not so much.

Rachel:  Why, ah, not so much? Wh..wh…what do you mean?  I mean, is there something wrong with Ross?

Jill:  Oh no, no, no, no.  You know he’s just, I don’t know, you know, he’sjust a little bookish.

Rachel:  Are you saying he’s a geek? 

Jill:  You think so, too? 

Rachel:  No!  Ross is not a geek.

Jill:  Fine.  Then let’s just say he’s not my type.

Rachel:  What?  Handsome is not your type?  Smart is not your type?  Kind?  Good kisser?  You mean those things are not on your list?  Ross is a great guy, you would be lucky to be with him.

Jill:  Well, okay, if it means that much to you, I’ll just ask him out!

Rachel:  Oh no, no, no.  That’s not what I meant.

Jill:  You know what, Rachel, you’re right!  You know what?  He’s been really nice to me. 

Rachel:  Yeah, but he’s not your type. 

Jill:  Yeah, but maybe that’s a good thing.  You know, I’ve been doing all these different sort of things, and maybe I should try dating a geek, too.

Rachel:  Yeah, but maybe you don’t want to try too much too fast…you do remember what happened to the little girl who tried too much too fast, don’t you?

Jill:  What?

Rachel:  Sh..She died, Jill.

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