Uncle Jay Explains

Well, yesterday, I received an email from my FiL.  I love the stuff he sends me!  It’s great!  So, anyway, I watched this video that was about 3-4 minutes long about stuff that went on in the news a few weeks ago (I can’t remember the date now!) Anyway, at the end of his video, it had his website!  So, I went straight away to visit.  He posts a new video every Monday.  Quite interesting, a bit snarky (my kind of humor), and he’s honest in his opinions.  He talks to you like you’re a 7 year old, but that’s an endearing trait.  You should go over there and check it out!

I watched all of the videos from the home page!  Funny stuff!  Alright, then.  That’s all I have to say!  Talk to you later, gator!

Thanks for reading.