A Walk to Remember

I was watching this movie last night and wasn’t able to finish it.  So, this morning, it was the first thing that I did.  Finished watching the movie.  Now, normally, I don’t watch the commentaries at the end of movies and in this one, there were two commentaries and–yes, I watched them both.

Anyway, I got a little inspired and decided that I was going to write my “list” of things to do in my life.  I’m going to make this a new page, so just click on the page up top!

Funny thing, though, this movie was the first time I was introduced to Nicholas Sparks.  My next door neighbor had the movie and said that I would love it, so we watched it.  The next day, Melissa presents me the book and said that she didn’t like the book as well as the movie, but since she knew I was a reader, she thought that I might like it.  Said she didn’t want the book back.  I shrugged and took the book.  I was on Head Count that day and I took it with me.  Head Count is where you sit in the front of the Mess Hall and collect money and signatures from people who come to there to eat.  Well, it tends to get really slow about 45 minutes into lunch and I hate just siting around doing nothing, so I started reading my book.  It was a quick read-maybe 3 hours to finish it.  It was then that everyone said that I needed to get my nose out of books.  Most Soldiers aren’t found reading, especially not in a garrison situation.  Most Soldiers read while their in the field when there is no TV, DVDs or PS2s present–and even then, I think that most prefer to play Spades or something.

Anyway, after finishing that book, I was hooked on Nicholas Sparks and I immediately went the Book Mark to see what else he might have written.  I’ve read all of his books.  Some several times.  It’s a guilty pleasure, but I figure, I’m allowed 🙂

Well, anyway, without further ado, have fun reading my To-Do list! 🙂  Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂