Friends #2

Okay, so, I’m sitting here watching Friends and this scene absolutely cracked me up!  I’m talking laugh-out-loud, slap-my-knee hilarious!  I HAVE to share this with you!

So, scene pans up the apartment building and into Monica’s apartment.  Monica and Chandler are home from their dinner.  Monica has a bag of trash in her hand.  Chandler is sitting at the round kitchen table, reading the newspaper.

This is the episode where Chandler wants to propose to Monica, but it was spoiled because her ex-boyfriend, Richard, shows up at the restaurant where he was going to propose.  All of the friends know.

Phoebe and Joey are coming home from Rachel’s charity event.  They enter Monica’s apartment.

Joey:  Oh my God!  You’re back!

Phoebe:  Oh, let me see your it.  Let me see your hand!

Pan to Chandler who is flailing his arms across his body, shaking his head, “No,” he mouths.

Monica:  Why do you want to see my hand?

Phoebe:  I want to see what’s IN your hand!  I want to see the trash!  [she grabs the trash bag from Monica and opens it up.]

Chandler puts his hands on his face.

Phoebe:  Eww.  Oh.  It’s all dirty!  You should throw this out!  [Phoebe hands the trash bag back to Monica]

Monica:  Okay…[she walks out of the room]

I’m still kind of giggling about it now!! LOL!

A Texty Lady Survey

I visited Texty Ladies blog today and they had a survey.  I thought it was interesting, so I thought I’d post it here!  Visit their blog to see more! 

1.   Who is your favorite author?  Nicolas Sparks and Marian Keyes

2.   What genre do you read most?  Fiction and literature

3.   Have you ever purchased an ePub?  No, I never purchased it.  Adobe had a few books that could be downloaded for free a couple of years ago.

4.   Who is your favorite ePub to buy from and why?  I can’t answer that…

5.   What is your favorite eBook reader and why?  I typically read paperback books.

6.   Do you prefer reading stories in the first or third person?  Either way, they’re both fun!

7.   What takes you out of a story?  I don’t really know.  The last book I read really irritated me (I was only in the first chapter) because the writer said, “Ding, Ding, Ding.”  She otomatopiaed, signaling the correct answer.  Besides, I’m not a dumba$$, I know what an otomatopia is.  If you want to write otomatopia, then don’t insult my intelligence by defining the word…even if I don’t know what it means, I’ll go look it up!  I mean, come on!  I couldn’t take it.  I didn’t know if the author was going to insult me again, but why take the chance! That’s where I stopped and while I haven’t thrown the book away, I will find a good home for it!  (maybe in my cat’s litterbox!)

8.   Do you find any storylines tired and out of date?  Nah, not really.  I’m pretty open as far as storylines go.

9.   Do you need a happy ending?  It doesn’t have to be a happy ending, it just has to be a good ending…where I feel there is some resolution.  The kind of ending that makes me think about the characters and what might happen in the future.

10. What keeps you visiting a blog?  It’s got to grab my attention in some way or we have similar interests.  I am trying to keep up a little bit more by using Bloglines blog reader.  If blogs aren’t updated at least every couple of days and I visit, I feel like I’m wasting my time.  If I visit and there hasn’t been a post in at least 30 days, I will most likely never go back!  (unless you’re my friends or family and then I’ll harass you until you post again!)


Well, today, Casey gets the bandage taken off and the stitches come out.  There may be an xray done today, but I’m not really sure!  I know he’ll be happy that he’ll no longer be a tripod 🙂  I’ll be much happier because I won’t have to listen to him bark all the dang time!

This morning was an early morning for me.  Rob didn’t get paid his full amount last week on his paycheck and we need to get that taken care of today.  Rob woke me up and asked if I knew where the strongbox was, which I didn’t but I found it.  We have to dip into our savings AGAIN to pay our rent.  Stupid army!  And, there’s never a good time for Rob to get away so that he can take care of himself.  Everyone else comes first.  I don’t mind, but ya know, we do HAVE to pay rent!

This is the other thing about moving that I hate.  I hate hate hate that our pay is messed up.  It’s not like we didn’t do what we were supposed to do, when we were supposed to do it!  Grrr!  Gotta love those finance-bubbas.

Anyway, there’s not a whole lot going on here.

Yesterday, we went to the movies.  We saw, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” and that was actually a pretty good movie.  Since it’s rated G, I knew that there were going to be a lot of children in the theater, but surprisingly, the kids were quiet!  That is such a rare thing these days.

After the movie, Rob asked me what next.  He’s been itching to go to Trier, which is the oldest German town!  But, it’s like an hour away, so Rob said, “Is there another town closer?”  I had remembered to write the name of this itty-bitty little town in my notebook when I came down to Kaiserslautern in February.  It’s called “Lambrecht (pfalz)” and it was a small, sleepy town.  We found a cute little beer garden and we hung out there for a couple of hours.  Then, we decided to walk around the town.  We found this old church, but we couldn’t get into it, though there were a lot of cars parked nearby.  We walked around the church and we happened upon a playground.  There was this swing and so, I got on it and then Rob joined me.  The swing was round and looked like a giant diaphragm .  We swung for about 30 minutes!  It was so much fun!

Then, after he and I were sufficiently dizzy, we decided to go get some ice cream.  There was a shop right across the street.  I ordered a pizza-eis.  Now, I’ve had spaghetti eis before, but never a pizza eis.  It was really interesting.  The bottom layer was banana ice cream, with another layer of raspberry and strawberry.  Then, they layered strawberry slices and kiwi slices.  And as fake whole black olives, they used black currant.  On top of that, they sprinkled some coconut.  Then, there were two wafer cookies to top it all off!  How creative! I would have never thought of that!  It was really good, albeit, expensive (4 euro = $7!)

We got home around 11 pm last night and with the sun coming up earlier and earlier, we only got a couple of hours to rest.

I expect Rob back from PT anytime now, so I guess I better run for now.  Gotta get ready to go to the Vet’s office in about an hour!

Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂