Friends #2

Okay, so, I’m sitting here watching Friends and this scene absolutely cracked me up!  I’m talking laugh-out-loud, slap-my-knee hilarious!  I HAVE to share this with you!

So, scene pans up the apartment building and into Monica’s apartment.  Monica and Chandler are home from their dinner.  Monica has a bag of trash in her hand.  Chandler is sitting at the round kitchen table, reading the newspaper.

This is the episode where Chandler wants to propose to Monica, but it was spoiled because her ex-boyfriend, Richard, shows up at the restaurant where he was going to propose.  All of the friends know.

Phoebe and Joey are coming home from Rachel’s charity event.  They enter Monica’s apartment.

Joey:  Oh my God!  You’re back!

Phoebe:  Oh, let me see your it.  Let me see your hand!

Pan to Chandler who is flailing his arms across his body, shaking his head, “No,” he mouths.

Monica:  Why do you want to see my hand?

Phoebe:  I want to see what’s IN your hand!  I want to see the trash!  [she grabs the trash bag from Monica and opens it up.]

Chandler puts his hands on his face.

Phoebe:  Eww.  Oh.  It’s all dirty!  You should throw this out!  [Phoebe hands the trash bag back to Monica]

Monica:  Okay…[she walks out of the room]

I’m still kind of giggling about it now!! LOL!

2 thoughts on “Friends #2

  1. I love Friends and have all 10 seasons strategically placed on my wall. It’s great. I tend to stick to seasons 2-5 though…I love Eddie. He’s great. 🙂

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