A barking dog

Casey’s going absolutely nuts in the kennel.  If I move, he barks, if I leave the room, it sounds like he’s sobbing!  He spins in his kennel and barks.  It is so unnerving!

Rob just started the car and there went Casey…he was calm for like 3 minutes!

I’m surprised he’s got enough energy to do that…it’s all he’s been doing for 10 solid days!!  Oh goodness gracious!!!  I’m going to rip my hair out!  (No, not really, I just colored it :D)

Alright then, I’m going to go.  I’ve got to get far, far away from this barking.  I’m going insane!!

One thought on “A barking dog

  1. Bless Casey! I too am dealing with doggy problems. Patch, my 11 year old dalmatian, has been sick since last Thanksgiving. Such a wild and crazy roller coaster ride! The Doc wanted him to lose some weight and so Patch has decided that these last two weeks he would starve himself-hehe! Not a good thing! He is wasting away-aaahhh! We go to the Vet tomorrow for the upteenth thousandth time for a shot and a checkup. I so wish he could nip this in the bud. It is so hard to watch him do nothing and when he does walk it looks like he is walking on eggshells! I have posted stories about his journey on my dogs page-if ever you are bored and need reading material. Thanks for coming over and visiting me~I usually get out more and visit more but these next few weeks are crazy hectic! Come summer break I will be getting on your nerves-lol

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