Strange stuff

Today has to be one of the stranger days that we’ve had since Rob’s been in command.  There was a bomb threat in the building where all of his Soldiers live, so we had to go and take care of that.

But, that’s not the strangest part of the day.  First thing, we got up and I had a weird dream.  I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but I know that I was pretty concerned about where we’re gonna live when we get to our next duty station.  Right now, it’s a pretty safe assumption that we’re going to end up in the DC area.  I checked my email and then, started to research apartment complexes that take dogs (esp large dogs).  We have three animals and most apartment complexes are pretty strict about the two animal rule and we realized that we’re going to have a heck of a time trying to find a place to live that is pretty big and allows us to bring all of our fur-babies.  It’s so frustrating.  I did find a couple of neat places that are extremely pet-friendly–except that I don’t know anything about these neighborhoods and if they’re safe!  So, that concerns me a little bit.  Then, Rob said that I needed to start researching universities and get my GRE taken!  Ugh!  Where am I going to get 3 letters of recommendation?  I can think of only 2 people to get them from, but what about the 3rd?  I’m completely lost.  If we do end up in the DC area, it’s looking like I’ll probably go to the University of Maryland.  It’s only 53 miles away from Ft. Belvoir.  Maybe about 60 or so miles from places that we are looking to live.  Rob’s pretty sure he wants to live in Virginia.

Then, we went to the PX for lunch and went to buy baby gates.  We’re going to start using them next week, before Codiak comes.  We don’t want Casey to think that it’s because of the new puppy that he’s being restricted to the new area (even though he is…he hopefully, shouldn’t associate the two!)  After that, we went to go wash the car.  There we were told that Rob wasn’t allowed to follow behind me with a bucket of water and his wash mitt.  We rinsed the car, didn’t bother to dry it and drove off.  He was mad as hell they wouldn’t allow him to use it.  Never again, he says, we’ll never go back there again.  We’ll just have to go to a German place from now on.

Then, he drove off forgetting that I wanted to go grocery shopping so he turned around and we went back to the commissary.  He started to get frustrated, so I snapped at him and I told him that I understood that he was frustrated with the car wash place, but he couldn’t take it out on me.  He calmed down.  We got home and barely sat down to check our email when he got the call that there was the bomb threat.

After that was resolved, we went to the coffee shop and Rob and I enjoyed each others company.  We stayed there until it was time to meet our friends for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant where were basically told that because someone lost a very sentimental item that was in my charge got lost, it’s being held against me and my husband.  IT’S not our fault.  I don’t know what to do about it.  I offered to buy her a new one or give her money for it, but she said, no because that particular item was extremely sentimental to her.  I may not be a very smart woman, but I know that I would never bring something that was that important to me to an FRG function and expect to get it back.  I never use my good dishes or silver for stuff like that.  I know better than that.  I also know that I would always bring money with me to a function even if the function was free because there’s always something to buy.  It’s so frustrating to me.  So, any suggestions on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated!

So, in a nutshell, that’s our crazy day!  How was yours?

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