The weather outside is frightful…

It’s only mid-July but it feels like fall.  I’ve watched almost all of my Christmas movies last week and the weather has been dreary.  It’s rained almost everyday for the last two weeks.

I am used to the German weather.  One reason that the Germans don’t have air conditioning in their homes is because it isn’t necessary.  It never really gets warm enough to use it.  As for the fans, we only have one in our bedroom and that’s enough.  I was speaking to our landlord a few months ago and they said that the house is built out of Sandstone, which helps keep the house cool in the summer months, but damned if it won’t be cold in this house in the winter months.  There are heaters in this house, but they don’t work very well.  It never makes the house warm enough, or at least that was my experience when we moved in here in April.  It was still chilly in the mornings and after the sun went down.  In just a few months, our days will be getting noticeably shorter and the sun won’t come out until at 8 in the morning and night will fall before 4pm.

That’s one thing I miss about Colorado.  While the days do get shorter in the winter, it’s not as extreme as it is here.  The days are about the same length year round.

Well, anyway, I’m going to watch Christmas Vacation.  Have a good day!

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