Friends, the movie?

Well, according to Yahoo Buzz, there’s talk that in th next 18 months they’re going to start filming. They received the green light (supposidly) when SATC turned out to be so popular.

I have no idea whether or not this is true, but what kind of storyline are we talking about…it’s been 4 years since we’ve seen our “Friends”.  Joey’s moved to California, Phoebe married Mike, Chandler and Monica are married with twins and Rachel and Ross are living together with their daughter.

The only thing I could see happening is a wedding and I think that’s tired.  What could they possibly do!?  I really don’t know.

3 thoughts on “Friends, the movie?

  1. Hmmm, we used to watch “Friends” regularly, but I’m not sure how well it would scale to the big screen. I guess we’ll find out (if they actually make it).

    Now, if they had ended the series the way *I* thought they should have (having Ross join Rachel in Paris instead of having Rachel change her mind and stay in New York), maybe they would have something to make a movie out of. But TV writers never take my advice! 😉

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