The Klutz is at it again!

Well, after 6 hours at the ER, I’m doing okay.

I fell down my stairs, banged up my hip and hurt my elbow.  I had to have 2 staples put in my right elbow.  It hurt like hell because the anesthetic didn’t take.

I’ve had 2 percocet and some other drug to help with the pain.  I can barely sit and I can’t bend my elbow.  It was everything I could do just to bend it enough for the xrays.

I’m loopy right now.  There’s no story to how I fell, not really anyway.  It’s been a bad week!  Ugh!

Okay, I’m gonna get going now.

6 thoughts on “The Klutz is at it again!

  1. You didn’t have to do all that just to get out of exercising. I just pretend I have other things to do and usually the time flies right on by. 🙂

    Get better! I hope the pain subsides soon.

  2. Jesse says:

    “Loopy right now”, Amber, as long as I have known you, you have been loopy, which is one of my favorite qualities about you. 🙂

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