1. What is your name: Amber

2. 4 letter word: Axes

3. Vehicle: Audi

4. City: Austin

5. Boy Name: Alex

6. Girl Name: Amanda

7. Occupation: Airplane Pilot

8. Celebrity:Aniston, Jennifer

9. Food: Apple

10. Something found in a bathroom: Antibiotics

11. Reason for being late: Alien abduction (that’s 2!)

12. Cartoon character: Anabelle the Cow

13. Something you shout: Ah!

14. Animal: Aardvark

15. Body part: Arm

16. Word to describe you: Amazing!

I stole this from Mercedes’ World!  Hope you enjoy 🙂

One thought on “Scattergories

  1. I love your answers! Austin rocks! Alien Abduction-double bonus points-ha! Aardvark-I usually have a student that begins with A that chooses this as their animal name-lol!

    Amazing-most definitely!

    Thanks for playing along!

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