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I might get Rob back FULL-TIME!  I’m excited to no end about this!  You have no IDEA!  He says that there is some stuff that still needs to be done in Hanau, but now that they have Internet access and phones set up here, there really won’t be a reason to spend the majority of his time.  I’m really excited about this.

He called me the other day and said that he wouldn’t necessarily need to stay in Hanau Wednesday night and that he would probably be home! 🙂  He has to head back tomorrow morning, some pressing issues are going on, but the issue should be resolved on Friday!  Woohoo!  It’s so exciting!

Not a whole lot going on for the weekend.  I have a tour of Kaiserslautern on Saturday morning and I need to get an appointment made so that the Cavalier can get worked on.  The window is stuck in the down position and it’s not possible to drive it with it down…I mean, it IS possible, but not very comfortable.  We might go to a movie, but that’s up in the air.  Gotta find out where our money is for our rent first and foremost!  That’s mainly what we’re stressing about right now!  Perhaps I can remind Rob to do that AFTER I make the appointment to get the Cav worked on.

Alright, this is a rather boring blog, but I just wanted to update you!   Hope all is well in your world and we’ll talk again soon! 

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