I was reading Texty Ladies today and they did a blog on books made into movies.  I have a lot to say on the subject–it combines a couple of my favorite hobbies–movies and reading!  I prefer to read the book if I know that the movie is based on one.

So, today, I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite movies!  Just so you know, I really like Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Chevy Chase and Jennifer Aniston, so my favorite movies tend to have those actors in them.  I also like animated films–I know, not necessarily age appropriate, but that’s okay.

Funny Farm (it IS a Christmas movie, but my husband disagrees!

Three Amigos.  Here’s my favorite joke and I actually use it on occasion!

[Dusty Bottoms and Lucky Day thinks Ned Nederlander is saying “mail” plane]
Dusty Bottoms: What is it doing here?
Ned Nederlander: I think it’s a male plane.
Dusty Bottoms: How can you tell?
Ned Nederlander: Didn’t you notice its little balls?

To Kill A Mockingbird.  I read this book in High School and my teacher had us watch the movie and make comparisons.  Harper Lee wrote an excellent novel.  Great read, great movie. 

A Walk To Remember.  Written by Nicholas Sparks.  I adore most of his books (did not like Dear John–Soldiers do not talk that way, no matter how classy they are!)  This was the first Nicholas Sparks book I read.  Watched the movie first.  Fell in love with it.  I like him because he doesn’t write his books in the typical romance genre formula…the woman, usually single and a virgin, meets man either single or widowed and he sweeps her off her feet and they get married.  They do not have pre-marital sex.  Bleh, boring!

Little Miss Sunshine.  An excellent movie about a disfunctional family.

Napoleon Dynamite.  Another dysfunct family.  The kids are extremely weird and generally disliked while in High School.  The uncle can’t stop living in the past.  Reminds me of my high school days!

My Blue Heaven.  A tongue-in-cheek look at the mofia and life in middle America.

About Schmidt.  A man dealing with the death of his wife and his daughter getting married.  Kind of like Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers.

A Simple Twist of Fate.  Steve Martin wrote, directed, produced and acted in this comedy about a man who is excited to become a father but then finds out that his wife cheated on him and the baby isn’t his.  Intertwines his life and the lives of the town.  His life is turned upside down after he adopts a baby girl.  It always makes me cry.  It’s a wonderful story.

Office Space.  Everyone can relate.  A great movie that is still talked about around the water-cooler!  Work sucks!

The Princess Bride.  About the relationship between grandson and grandfather and the memories that are made.  Through the course of the movie, the kid’s attitude changes 180 degrees and it is a nice, feel-good movie!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. That has got to be my most favorite joke in The Three Amigos.

    The Princess Bride is also an alltime favorite movie.

    The John Grisham books made into movies didn’t do a thing for me. I loved the books better than the movies.

  2. I LOVE My Blue Heaven! Very few people I know even know about this movie. I quote it whenever I can, but most don’t get the reference. So awesome! 🙂

  3. Oh…and a couple others I love to quote – One Crazy Summer (You have no plan. With no plan there’s no attack. With no attack there’s no victory!) and Weekend at Bernies (He loves us. The man absolutely Loves us.) And of course Airplane! (There’s a sale at Penney’s! … The tower? Rapunzel! Rapunzel! … Auntie Em. Uncle Henry! It’s a twister. It’s a twister!)

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