Day 1–again!

Well, I did it again. Feeling alright. Got lots of prayers. Got a really good reason to quit. Little stressed. Doing it for Rob and I’s (hopefully) soon to be conceived child and it’s totally worth it. After meals are the worst times for me. I just had a sandwich. It was good, but the after-meal cigarette signals the end of a meal. I am typing this blog instead of smoking. I flushed the 3 cigarettes that I had left down the toilet last night. I got home late and didn’t get to bed until like 3 am. I was working on the pictures from the Welcome Home Ceremony for the unit that just came back from Iraq yesterday! I got the pictures turned in this morning and there is a possibility that one or two of my pictures might get featured in the Stars and Stripes–that’s the local newspaper here in Germany! I’m really excited. I think I am finally coming into my own when it comes to photography. It only took me 7,000 pictures to get there…actually probably quite a few more because I’ve been into photography for quite sometime now. LOL

Casey is doing well. He found is Foosball and has wanted to play catch for a while. Need to get stuff done around here and I have bowling tonight. Wish me luck. I usually smoke between games. Hopefully, I don’t feel the urge. I am quitting for my baby. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. It’s worth it. It’s just the first week that is uncomfortable. Once I get past this part, in the 2nd week, I’ll be completely disgusted by the mere smell. Or at least that’s how it was when I quit in May of 2006. Must go get some grape soda and do a few crochet stitches before I get the dishes done.

Talk to you soon. Thanks for all the prayers and the wonderful support that you’re all showing me!


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