Worst bowler ever!

I’m officially a terrible bowler. Nah, I haven’t bowled in 2 weeks and I’m still sick. Scores are nothing to write home about, so I’m not…hahaha!

I have a great team though…I lost a bowler tonight. What a shame. At least, though I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. I didn’t ask him to go, he asked if it was okay with me if he left. I didn’t have a problem with it, but it is still sad to lose a teammate to another team (and it was even harder because he bowled better on that team than he bowled with us!)

I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed now, but I wanted to write some tonight. I saw the paper today! My pictures are all over the place! Yeah, me!

Well, TTFN.

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