Sunday Blues

It’s raining here in Germany today. It’s grey and cloudy. I’m getting used to it by now. It’s been like this the better part of the summer. Rob and I drove to Kaiserslautern to get some stuff to decorate the Haunted House with and we happened to be at the store that was having a 75% off sale. We practically bought the store out. Rob also got me a Cinnamon candle and new Wii game. I found a book that sounds interesting and a magazine. I wanted to get Rob some sunglasses for his birthday, but he said that there was nothing that looked good for him.

On a side note, isn’t it a bit early for Christmas stuff to be out? There were several isles in 2 different stores with a TON of stuff! I, for one, love Christmas, but I do think it’s a bit early for this stuff to be out! Halloween is still 10 days away! Oh well.

Thanks for reading!