It’s chilly today! I’ve got the windows closed, but the drapes open and it’s darned cold in this house. I know for a fact that my bathroom is the warmest room in the apartment because we keep a window open constantly in there, yet, it feels twice as warm in there as it does in the rest of the house.

I rode my bike today. I was glad that I found my gloves last night because I don’t know if I could have made it without them. I don’t have earmuffs or a cap, so my ears were cold, but they warmed up. It’s definitely warmer today than it was yesterday.

I have a lot of stuff going on at the PAO. I’m doing several stories and the deadline is Monday! ACK! Well, anyway that’s just mainly getting pictures of the Haunted Houses here in Hanau and also going to the school to interview the coach for the Girl’s Volleyball team and get some pictures of them practicing.

I’m getting ready to leave to put up signs in the stairwells of people’s houses this afternoon, so I should probably get ready to go. That’s all the news I have for today.