Well, there’s no rest for the weary. Today, I had to go to FRG Leader training and then Rob came and picked me up for lunch, which was really nice. After that, I walked over to a neighbor’s house for a few minutes. I rushed home, found a message in my inbox, responded quickly, checked my messages on the phone, called back, left again. I was home for all of 10 minutes. Poor Casey didn’t get his afternoon walk. I got home around 5 this evening, completely exhausted.

Finally got Casey to go on a walk later this evening and I decided to change it up a little bit, so we went a different route. I thought I heard Lilo crying, but I wasn’t sure, so I called her name. Sure enough, she was crying. She got locked inside an all but abandoned building. I tried to pull on the door, which was locked, but pulled apart slightly. I didn’t want to break the lock or the door, so I didn’t try that hard. I ran over to the firehouse which is a block away-knowing that they should have master keys to all the buildings. So, of course, breathless, I ask if they can unlock the door. They say that they have keys to every building except for the building that Lilo is locked in because MWR controls those keys. So, I walk back to the building because the firemen said that they would be there in 5 minutes. I waited for nearly 45 minutes and Casey was out of control, so I walked back to the house to drop the dog off and that’s when the firemen showed up. I ended up calling the MPs and then they gave me the number to the firehouse. When I talked to them, they said they went into the building but didn’t see my cat. I know for a fact she was there, I could see her and hear her crying. She was rubbing up on the glass, as well. They came right back and got the door open and I rescued Lilo.

I know that she’s not an indoor cat and she’s trying to get out right now. I let her go twice this evening, but I think that she needs to stay in for tonight. She’s pretty cranky and it doesn’t help the fact that Casey keeps chasing her all over the front room.

Well, it’s bed time. Thanks for reading!

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