Boring Day

Hi!  There’s not a lot going on today.  I watched a disk of the Simpson’s Season 5, watched most of an episode of Desperate Housewives, tried reading a book and now, I’m waiting for my husband to get home so that we can go to Hanau for a Hail and Farewell for his First Sergeant.  Rob called about 20 minutes ago to let me know that he would be leaving the office soon, but had to finish up on some stuff before the Battalion Commander went on leave for a couple of weeks.  Woohoo!  I can’t believe it’s Friday and it’s the last day of the month.  Woohoo!  I’m almost there–1 more day of the month and I will have blogged everyday this month!  Hooray for NaBloPoMo!!!

Today is the AFN (Armed Forces Network) screening AKA–A First Run movie–of Indiana Jones’ new movie!  I really wanted to go, but it wasn’t possible, seeing as how we have to be in Hanau in just about 2 hours from now.  Thankfully, it’s only about an hour’s drive (it would be more like 1.5 hours, but with the M3, we just fly down the autobahn!)  Woohoo!

I guess we’re just going to have to go to the movies tomorrow afternoon or something 🙂  I really can’t wait for Sex and the City to come to us (hopefully next week 😉 ).  We get everything a week or two later than everyone gets them in the states.  So, we get the spoilers (if we want them) and we also get the reviews.  I don’t much care what the critics have to say about a particular movie…I typically don’t agree with many of them anyway!

So, I can’t make this too long, I should get the gate opened and be ready for Rob anytime now.  Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

PS:  This is my 200th post!  Horray for me 🙂

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