Not getting paid…

Rob and I submitted the paperwork that we needed to submit to get paid for our house TWICE and it still hasn’t hit our bank account!

He asked me to call the Finance office to find out if it was processed and I was told to check on the mid-month pay stub and it was not correct!  She said that if it isn’t correct, then Rob needed to submit a pay inquiry through his unit to find out what the problem is.  The problem, as there always is, however, is that the finance office is here in Kaiserslautern and not in Hanau.  Rob is in Hanau.  Finance does not allow spouses to make inquiries, unless they have a SPECIAL Power of Attorney AND the Soldier is deployed.  I was going to call someone from the unit here, so that they could go and make the inquiry on our behalf, but there is no phone roster available and the Forward 1SG is unreachable.

GRRR! When we first realized that the pay hadn’t come through, we went to finance, but they couldn’t find the paperwork and it hadn’t been processed.  So, they told us to go to the housing office and see why they didn’t submit the paperwork.  They had a transmittal showing that they had submitted the paperwork.  So, we went BACK to finance and resubmitted the paperwork and the woman there PROMISED that she would process it immediately.  I somehow suspect, though, she never processed it!  I can’t prove it, though.  We’ve never had so many problems with getting our housing allowance.  We’ve already paid 4600 out of our own pockets to cover our rent and there is no more money left.  If we don’t get this money soon, we’re going to get kicked out of our house and it’s not by any fault of our own!


There are many things about the Army that I really like, but there are other things that just piss me off to no end!  The red tape and people not taking responsibility are the main things.  GRRRRR!  I hate this!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant!  I’m so mad!

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