More about nothing

Today has been a busy day. It started for me at 9 am. I got up and watched my morning TV programs and then at noon, Rob and I started out the door to go to lunch, when I heard the phone ring from the other side of the front door, which was locked. I rushed to open it, but by then the phone had stopped ringing. Luckily, I answered it anyway and it was a call about the haunted house that the batteries are putting together for this coming weekend. We went to lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon going over details for the house. After we finished that up, Rob says, “Do you just wanna get out of here?” Of course, I said yes. We started to drive to Kaiserslautern, and we must have been no more than 20 miles away when he remembers that I’m supposed to be in two places at once. It was too late for me to attend the PWOC retreat dinner, but we still had time for me to make it to bowling, so we turned the car around and headed for the bowling alley.

I bowled pretty well tonight, considering that I’m still pretty sick and had my jacket on the entire time. I bowled a 149, a 121 and finally, a 134. Well above my average! I am, of course, very happy with the way that it went this evening.

I still need to try to attend the retreat tomorrow, even though there are tons of things to do around here.

I haven’t even been able to get a full sentence typed before Casey starts bugging me to throw his toy. He must be feeling neglected today. We had to leave him here all afternoon.

I better go for now. Thanks for reading.

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